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6/24/2006 3:02 pm

Holidays offer an immense opportunity to reflect on the beauty of creation and its delights. By going to another country you experience the newness of the earth's richess from an altogether different perspective. At this moment Amsterdam is the location and it is truly one of those aesthetic delights. Surprisingly it is not the whole sexual trappings of the city which are of interest but its structural composition. How is it that all of the buildings are just so perfect and sit together in unison that promotes harmony and well-being. It is like the city is built upon the concept of feng-shui with those wonderful canals taking centre-stage framed by the streets and the majestic dwellings.

What beauty could compare to the city itself? Well the works of two inspired artists - Van Gogh and Rembrant. The sun flowers, the nigthwatcher, the majestic beauty in every stale thing. The historical paintings of Rembrant capture biblical moments in their sheer and utter starkness in stillness and simplicity, the look of sorrow on the prophet Jeremeniah as the city burned, the King blinded by his own lack of insight cried in tormet in the background. How could these ancient stories not harrow the soul, stir emotion and bring about empathatic depth that stirs us to reflect upon our own being, simplicity and dependence on an outside source for existence.

Music also brings about these same experiences - going to a number of the clubs in Amsterdam the sounds give off their vibe that encourages the life-force of the city into existence, but it cannot be just an immanent reality it points beyond itself to something greater, to the power of love. Real love. Not just some idle concept of love but the depth of love that cannot be contained. A constant source of energy that encapsulates the planet and the human life.

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