Friends Forever  

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Friends Forever


Yuko was taking college classes in architecture. Michael, one of her classmates had a crush on her and was always teasing her. He would touch her arm, or her hand or shoulder, every chance he could and was continually passing her notes saying what a sexy body she had and how incredibly beautiful she was. When the semester first started Michael had asked her to go out with him every day for a week. Yuko had always turned him down for a date, but Michael did manage to convince her to study with him. The two of them would go to the library after class and study for several hours. Michael never let up and continued to flirt with Yuko and compliment her. At the conclusion of each study session he would ask Yuko for a hug, which always turned into a barely concealed grope. Eventually all three of us became pretty good friends. Michael always told me how sexy he though Yuko was and how he wished he could find a girl just like her.

The Club

Yuko, Michael and myself had gone to a club. The two of them had just passed their final exam and we were all celebrating. Yuko was wearing a white tube top and a blue jean skirt. The club wasn't very busy and she was taking turn dancing with Michael and myself. We were all having a real good time dancing and drinking. It was obvious, and quite inevitable, but Michael couldn't keep his eyes of off Yuko's body. To make matters worse Yuko was a little tipsy and was purposely teasing Michael with her body. As they danced she would rub her body against his and kept pushing her breast into him.

After a while we began shooting pool. As we played Yuko got even worse. Every time Michael would try and make a shot she would slide up next to him and touch his neck or rub his back. Once she even bent over in front of the pocket Michael was aiming at, knowing he would look at her breast instead of concentrating on his shot. Of course he missed his shot, but who could blame him. He just took it in stride and said, "Damn, I wish I had a girlfriend with a body like that." Yuko was pretty lit by this time and really turned the teasing into high gear. She started running her hands over her body and asked Michael what he would do with a girlfriend with a body like hers. Michael laughed and said, "I think you can guess". Yuko reached over and grabbed Michaels belt pulling him toward her. As their bodies met Yuko stated, "I don't think you know what to do with a body like mine". Michael looked over at me then wrapped his arms around Yuko and asked her if she wanted to find out. Yuko just laughed and pulled away.

There weren't a whole lot of customers in the club and they began closing early. We all decided the night was still young and agreed to return to our house and continue the party. Michael had drunk to much to drive so the three of us jumped into my truck for the ride home. Yuko was sitting in the middle and was having a hilarious time teasing Michael. She would run her hands suggestively over her legs and pull her skirt up higher and higher. She had a really devious dirty little smirk on her face and asked Michael if he thought her legs were sexy enough. Michael was having a hard time breathing being that close to Yuko and I caught him trying to look at Yuko's breast out of the corner of his eyes several times. To his credit he managed to stammer out, "You know I do" and reached out and tried to touch Yuko's legs. Yuko turned on her evil grin and slapped his hand away saying, "I don't think you would know what to do if I let you". Yuko slid over in the seat real close to me and started rubbing my crotch through my pants. She pressed her breast into my body and said, "Steve knows what to do with a body like mine. Don't you Baby"? I replied, "Yes I do" and ran my hand up the inside of Yuko's leg and began massaging her clit. Yuko started kissing my neck and moaning how good it felt. After a minute or so we reached the house and pulled into the drive. Yuko looked over at Michael and said, "See, I told you, here is somebody who knows how to take care of a hot body like mine. Maybe you should take some lessons".

Inside the house Michael and myself sat down and Yuko announced she was going to change her clothes and get a bottle of So-Ju.

For those of you are un-initiated to the ways of So-Ju, let me give you a crash course. So-Ju is Korean liquor made from sweet potatoes. It's the kind of drink that will sneak up on you and leave you lying on the floor without any warning. Well I degress.

When Yuko returned she was wearing a long black tube top dragon printed dress. It had a slit at both hips from the ground up to mid thigh. She was still wearing the high heals and I got a hard on as soon as I saw her. Yuko was making a big show out of being the perfect oriental host and bowing low in front of each of us as she poured the So-Ju into tiny glasses. I heard Michael gasp as she bent low in front of him giggling in her slightly intoxicated state. I could tell she was purposely teasing Michael and from the look of Michaels face it was obvious she had succeeded in making the crotch of his pants a bit tighter on him. After Yuko finished pouring we all drank a quick shot and I got up and turned on the stereo as Yuko refilled the glasses. Yuko was feeling really loose and began slowly moving her hips in time with the music. She began dancing around in front of us, moving her hips up and down like she was engaged in some private sexual encounter.

As she danced she began pulling the black material of the dress up higher and higher until the thin material of her panties was clearly visible. As she gyrated in a slow seductive circle she pulled the split in the side of the dress to one side and turned around revealing her thong riding high in the crack of her perfect ass. She turned back around and let the dress fall back loosely at her side and slowly moved her hands over her breast. She then began sliding the top of the dress down over her breast, lower and lower, revealing more and more of her beautiful tits. Just before she pulled it down over her nipples she stopped dancing and announced she was tired. I could see she was pretty drunk from the evening's activity and told her to sit in front of me and I would give her a back rub. Yuko sat down on the floor in front of me crossing her legs in a very sexy motion. I began rubbing her shoulders, sliding my fingers along the tight muscles of her body.

Michael watched with apt attention as I slowly ran my fingers up and down her arms, across her shoulders and down her front. Yuko slowly relaxed at my touch and pressed back into my arms. Michael had a look on his face that I can only describe as pure lust as I slipped my fingers beneath the material of the dress and began massaging Yuko's breast. Yuko softly moaned as I ran my fingers over her nipples. At this point Michael was beside himself with sexual desire and began rubbing the crotch of his pants. Yuko was still oblivious to everything around her and announced that she needed another drink. I told her I would get one and Michael of course volunteered to continue the back rub.

As Michael slipped behind Yuko she slowly rolled her eyes back at him and whispered "Are you sure you know what to do?" I was only gone for a few minutes thinking while I was up I would get a drink for all of us, but when I returned Yuko was sitting on the couch in between Michael legs laying all the way back against his body. Michaels hands were completely inside Yuko's top and I could see him groping her breast underneath the material. Yuko must have liked what he was doing because her eyes were still closed and she was softly moaning every time Michael would brush against her nipples.

Unfortunately as soon as Michael realized I had returned he jerked his hands out of Yuko's top and began rubbing her back like that was all he had ever done. I don't know who he thought he was fooling. Yuko opened her eyes and looked at me. I could tell she was really drunk as she rolled her eyes back at Michael and seemed surprised that it was him and not me rubbing her back. Yuko motioned for me to come to her. I though she just wanted her drink so I handed it to her. She downed it on one swallow and said that's not what I need, pulling me towards her. As soon as I did she threw herself at me and began wildly kissing me. Michael was still rubbing her back as she pulled my head down to her breast. Yuko started rubbing the crotch of my pants, telling me how horny she was. Michael didn't know what to do and just kept rubbing her shoulders with his mouth hanging open in amazement. I asked Yuko "What about Michael?" Yuko moaned "I don't care", and puled his hands down off her shoulders back to her breast. She then pushed her hand inside my pants and grabbed my cock. I slipped my hands up the side of her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down past her knees and off her ankles. Michael was kissing Yuko on the shoulders and neck as he rubbed her tits. He had a smile from ear to ear as Yuko ground her ass into his crotch. I knew that if he hadn't had one before he had a raging hard on now. Yuko opened her legs in front of me revealing her pink pussy and I quickly dove in, enjoying her sweet juice. I slowly ran my tongue along her canal. I could feel Yuko put her hand on the back of my head and push me deeper into her. I could hear her gasping as my tongue darted inside of her. The dress was now completely up around her waist, showing off her beautifully shaved pussy. I could hear her moaning and felt her cunt pushing back against my face. I looked up and saw Michael had managed to pull Yuko's top completely down. Her tits were heaving in and out with arousal as he rubbed her nipples gently between her fingers. Yuko leaned back into Michaels body and softly moaned as he continued kissing her neck.

After a few seconds of this she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me with surprise. Her eyes rolled back into her head with astonishment and confusion as she turned her head and looked into Michaels gaze. I could tell she was really drunk as she attempted to understand what was happening.

Yuko stood up on trembling feet holding on to the couch. All she could do was look back and forth between Michael and me with a look of Shock on her face. She finally focused her drunken gaze on me and managed to stammer out "I want to be fucked." She then collapsed back down onto the couch next to Michael, laid back with her legs open and closed her eyes.

Of course who was I to argue with a beautiful Asian women begging to be fucked. The fact she was my own sweet and dear wife only made it better.

I quickly removed my pants and slipped my already rock hard cock into her cunt. Yuko parted her lips and softly moaned with desire as the point of my spear penetrated her pussy. As I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her pussy, Yuko opened her mouth and whispered "kiss me love." Yuko began pushing her pussy back against my cock as I pressed my lips to her, intertwining our tongues.

As I made love to Yuko and kissed her beautiful lips I looked over at Michael. He had taken his dick out of his pants and was ferociously Michaeling off as he watched my cock gently sliding in and out of her soft wet pussy.

After a few minutes of this exquisite pleasure, Yuko, who had never opened her eyes after we started to make out, whispered "Who is this?" I didn't answer her, but continued to pump my throbbing cock in and out of her cunt. I gently turned her around until I was sitting down on the couch with Yuko sitting on my lap. Yuko's began moaning loudly as my cock pushed in and out of her tight Asian pussy faster and faster. Yuko was so drunk she could barely sit up as I pumped her pussy. I started to slow down, but she demanded I continue faster and harder. Her tits were bouncing back and forth in a very erotic show as she began to push back forcing her cunt down over my cock.

At this point Michael moved in front of her and began kissing her nipples and breast. He then poured some of the baby oil into his hands and began massaging it into her breast. Yuko's tits were pushed into his grasp farther and farther as I bounced her on my lap pushing my dick deep inside of her. I don't blame him, but Michael finally was unable to contain himself any more and slipped his naked cock between Yuko's oiled breast. I have titty fucked Yuko many times and know the wonderful feeling of her soft skin sliding over my cock and knew that Michael was having an incredible experience.

Yuko must have realized something was different, because she opened her eyes and looked down at Michael fucking her tits with surprise. She looked back at me and I truly believe this was the first time she realized that we were not alone. She kept fucking me though, forcing my dick in and out of her cunt, but I could see her face changing expression as she tried to grasp what was going on in her drunken state.

Much to soon she looked up ad Michael. I could see recognition cross her face as she yelled "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Michael quickly pulled back from her not knowing what to say. All of a sudden Yuko pushed her cunt down hard on my dick. I could feel it bottom out on the back wall of her pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head with erotic pleasure as she felt my cock bouncing off of her. Her face instantly relaxed in her passion and she looked over at Michael and moaned " Have you been taking lessons? Have you figured out what to do with a body like mine?"

Yuko totally shocked both Michael and myself as she reached out and took his slippery cock into her palm. She resumed slowly sliding up and down on my cock as she pulled Michael closer towards her. Yuko pressed Michael's cock back between her tits and began sliding up and down on them in rhythm to our lovemaking. Yuko looked up at Michael with an innocent look on her face and asked him "Is this what you would do with a body like mine?" Michael began moaning as his cock slipped back and forth between Yuko's soft breast. Just when I though he could handle no more and was going to cum, spreading his hot load all over Yuko's tits, she stopped. She looked up at Michael with her soft oriental eyes and asked him "Do you still want a girlfriend with a body like mine?" Michael was completely overcome by the throes of pleasure and was barely able to stammer through his ecstasy "Yes, Oh Yes."

Yuko began gently kissing the end of his cock every time it came near her lips. As Yuko pressed her lips around the head of his cock she asked, "What would you do with a body like mine?" Michael seemed to forget that I was anywhere around and said "this" as he pressed his cock further between her lips. Yuko smiled as she slipped her mouth down over Michael's cock. Michael put his hands on Yuko's head moaning as she reached up and began massaging his balls. Michael's cock was now sliding over Yuko's lips, in and out of her mouth, even as I pumped her pussy with my own. Yuko began pounding my cock harder and harder as she sucked Michael off. I was in incredible ecstasy as I watched my sweet Asian wife giving our friend a blowjob while we made love.

Of course I didn't think Yuko was making love to me for one second. I realize that she was just fucking. I'm sure she just want her cunt as full as her mouth, and at the same time. Finally I could stand it no longer and had to let go filling Yuko's tight oriental pussy with my cum. Yuko screamed with pleasure as my sack unloaded inside of her splashing against the walls of her sex. She continued pounding my cock as I released into her tight pussy. My cum began running out of her and down her leg but Yuko wasn't done. She continued to expertly pump my cock until every last drop of semen had been extracted and passed through her cunt.

To make it even better, she did all this while never removing her lips from Michaels cock. As my spent tool slipped from Yuko she wrapped her hand around it and slid her fingers through our co-mingled juices. Yuko stopped sucking Michaels dick and slipped her fingers to her mouth. Michael reached down and began running his hands over Yuko's body. This was the first time he had ever been allowed to explore her and was taking full advantage of it. He ran his fingers over her ass and between her legs feeling her wet and swollen cunt, freshly fucked still holding my juice. Michael slipped his finger inside of Yuko's cunt. As he fingered her he began rubbing the palm of his hand ever her clit while his other hand continued to grope every inch of Yuko's exquisite Asian body. Yuko began bucking her hips pressing his fingers deeper inside her and moaning as he brought her to a heightened state of arousal. Yuko pushed her body into Michaels allowing him complete access to her body. As Michael ran his fingers over her breast he began kissing her neck. Yuko pulled his head to hers and pressed her lips to his mouth. I watched as his tongue parted her lips entering her mouth. Yuko was giving Michael small kisses on his lips when she let out a little giggle and asked "Do you like my pussy?" Of course Michael replied, as any red blooded American male presented with a beautiful oriental siren would do. He said "yes", as he pushed his fingers in and out of her cunt faster and faster, fucking her with his fingers. Yuko began moaning again, saying "yes, Oh it feels so good, don't stop." After a few minutes she looked up at Michael again and said with a serious voice "What would you do with a body like mine? I want to know."

Michael stopped fingering her cunt and replied "I would run my hand between your legs, spreading your pussy lips. Then I would run my mouth over your cunt, pushing my tongue deep inside your body, over and over until I tasted your sweet cum." Yuko pulled Michael's head to her mouth and said, "That sounds wonderful." She then moved her lips up to Michaels ear and I heard her say, "But what would you do if I was your girlfriend Michael?" Michael pressed his body to hers and simply replied "I would fuck you like you have never been fucked before." Yuko moved back in front of me and leaned back against me spreading her legs in front of Michael. Revealing her sloppy wet pussy still dripping with my cum. Yuko began teasing Michael saying, "Do you want to do me? Do you want to do me like this?" Michael reached out and ran his fingers along the inside of Yuko's legs. rubbing her soft sensual skin as he gazed upon her beautiful cunt. Yuko kept teasing Michael as she inserted her finger in her pussy saying, "Is this what you would do if I was you girlfriend?" Michael reached out, sliding his hand behind Yuko's body pulling her to her feet. He twisted her around and bent her over in front of me and said, "No this is what I would do if you were my girlfriend?" Yuko looked into my eyes and gasped with pleasure as she felt Michael's hard cock pressing against her pussy. She began slowly pushing back; forcing Michael's cock deeper and deeper into her swollen wet cunt. Michael must have been really deep inside her, because I could hear her gasp each time he stroked. Yuko was looking into my eyes and I moved to kiss her. Yuko began kissing my lips as widely as Michael was fucking her body. Yuko's tongue would slide deep into my mouth each time Michael pushed his cock inside of her. Yuko was moaning with pleasure and kissing my lips like she had never done before. I could feel her mouth forced against mine, harder and harder as Michael forced himself into her deepest passages. I could see her beautiful oriental breast bouncing up and down from the force of Michaels cock. I reached up and began gently massaging her nipples, rolling them back and forth between my fingertips. Yuko reached between my legs and began sliding her hand over my swollen cock, already wet with precum. Each time Michael would press his dick between the lips of her vagina she would trace her fingers over the head of my cock. Rubbing the precum into my skin.
Michael began pumping Yuko's cunt with renewed earnest. Harder and harder, forcing Yuko's breast against my chest. He began moaning about how tight Yuko's pussy was. Loudly exclaiming how he had been dreaming about her tight Asian pussy, every night since he had met her. As Michael forced his cock deep into Yuko's cunt she bent over even farther. Spreading her cunt lips farther than I had ever seen them before. I looked between her legs and could see Michael's hard cock sliding in and out of Yuko's beautiful pussy.

Michael began driving deeper and deeper completely impaling Yuko with his hard flesh. She had her lips pressed to mine and was watching me stare between her legs at Michaels cock sliding in and out of her body. Yuko asked "Do you like what you see?" I replied that "I loves watching her being pleasured by someone else." Yuko began softly moaning in my ear. She was still kissing my lips and I could feel the tension building inside of her body. Yuko whispered in my ear "Ohhh, Michaels cock feels so good in me. I can feel his cock pushing inside me. It feels so big inside me. I love being fucked. Ohhhh, AHHHHH, I can feel his cock filling my pussy, Ohh, Honey, yes, YES." Michael was now fucking Yuko's pussy as hard and fast as he could. I could still see his dick pushing into Yuko's beautiful swollen wet pussy. Yuko began moaning and screaming very loud. "Fuck me baby, OHHHH, fuck me hard." Yuko's legs were now completely open in front of Michael with her head bent over in my lap. Her ass was straight up in the air as Michael pounded her Asian cunt. Yuko stopped jerking on my cock with her hand and wrapped her lips around it. She slid her mouth up and down over my cock in time with Michael pumping her pussy. I could feel her lips tremble on my shaft as she moaned from the deep penetration her pussy was receiving.

Yuko reached up between her legs and started massaging Michael's balls. Exclaiming how tight with cum they were, obviously proud that she was the reason for their present condition. Michael announced that he was going to cum. Yuko instantly forced her ass back against Michael, forcing her pussy down over Michael's cock. Fucking him faster and faster, Yuko was now fucking Michael forcing his dick as deep inside of her as she could get it. I could see her body begin shaking and could feel her mouth vibrating over my cock. Yuko began screaming I'm cumming, OHHHH YEAAAs, Fuuuuck me." I could feel my own cum building inside of me as I heard Michael announce his impending explosion. Michael continued pumping Yuko's pussy, pulling out at the last minute, showering her body with his sticky load. The sight of so much cum covering my sweet little Asian wife was to much for me to handle and my cock exploded showering Yuko's face and tits with my warm liquid. Her body was still shaking with her orgasm and pleasure as she went limp against Michael. We gently lowered her to the floor and gazed upon her beautiful cum covered Asian body. Yuko was still softly moaning and I could see her pussy lips slightly tightening and releasing as if they were still fucking some ghost like cock. Yuko had milky white cum in her hair and running across her face in small streams. Large rivers of cum were dripping across her chest, Slowly spreading over her chest and filling a lake between her nipples. Her left breast was covered in thick splatters of white cum, covering a hickey that Michael had left their much earlier. My gaze followed the slippery trail of cum down her stomach and between her legs feasting my eyes on her beautiful shaved pussy, slightly red and swollen from fucking. A trail of Michael's cum was leaking from her pussy down across her leg. Yuko's pussy was so beautiful, still spread open from Michael's cock. Coated with a mixture of their combined lust. I knew Michaels cock must have felt wonderful as he slid it inside her silky hole. Fucking her pussy, pushing deeper and deeper into her sex.

I went and got a warm wash cloth and began gently cleaning Yuko's cum covered body. She looked up and smiled at me with a look of pure love as the cloth rubbed across her pointed breast. She moaned as the soft cloth rubbed across the tender skin of her stomach and down between her legs. As the warm cloth ran over her pussy she reached up and began tracing her fingers over my body. Michael watched our loving interaction with jealousy as I finished cleaning her exotic body. Michael looked at me and leaned over to Yuko as I nodded at him. He reached down and gently picked her tired naked body up in his arms and carried her toward the bedroom. As he carefully lowered her to the mattress, Yuko pressed her lips to his and whispered "I guess you do know what to do with a body like mine!" We were all spent from the night's activity and Michael and I laid down on either side of Yuko. Michael gently rubbing Yuko's back. As she kissed me good night she softly whispered in my ear "Isn't this how this all got started?"

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6/10/2006 3:24 pm

This is soooooooooooooo hot! Made me cum just reading it and wishing it were me!

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