WHY in this world nobody can captivate my interest after being w/ the most handsome young man alive  

cooladyfor8004 37F
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8/9/2005 9:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

WHY in this world nobody can captivate my interest after being w/ the most handsome young man alive

whew, i miss adrenaline lady,,IS DROP DEAD EXHAUSTED???? why is that???
for the hundreds of emails i keep on getting, nobody can even captivate my interest and i dont even lift a finger to keep in touch with these people my standard in having a man be it in a serious one or for fun was already quite high before i met the most handsome young intellectually versatile man with humour.. after meeting him and being with him,my standard of considering a man to be with went up to the highest level and i cant even go out with men now even those i met in person. i even keep on deleting all mails i got and keeps on getting, i cant avoid not to compare him to such guys who write me even they sounds well educated, seems look great and of real quality. Well, afterall why i am here on this site for, i am a coolady but extremely picky , is that normal.. damn and to think i and such guy is not seeing exclusively. i keep on missing on meeting some wonderful guys because of such high standard i have now.. i dont even date now after three months of meeting him compared before that i often date. this is not me, where is playful coolady now in me????

rm_alexpogi89 55M
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8/10/2005 2:35 am

You are looking maybe at the wrong parameters...You are searching based on physical attributes and the superficial and mostly "front" attractions. Maybe you must try looking at the most innermost qualities and endowment of an individual???? Msytical and starnge????....yet that what would make you realize that you have found the guy that can tickle your strange desires.... meet this man with your mind and soul, detached from physical and sexual emotions at first...when you found your inner bulb heated and lighted, thats where you can find the secret that had elude your serach...Good Luck....and enjoy life to the fullest..."Adrenaline" should not be wasted nor exploited, it should be tamed and wisely spent, otherwise it will tire your senses. Find the one that cah have a "calming" effect on your adrenaline rush.

rm_Pare888 40M
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8/10/2005 4:17 am

Well you've set your standards and seem have closed your heart too.. wish and wish more that someone like him or greater than him will cross your path soon..

it's alright not to date or meet people or answer email as long as your are enjoying life.. if not maybe it's time to try new people..

btw, where's your guy now?

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