When Good Computers Go Bad...  

cookie7823 46F
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7/26/2006 9:50 pm

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7/30/2006 2:18 am

When Good Computers Go Bad...

Well..here I lie having my thoughts sucked from my head by some sort of a probe (thank gawd is my head)..REALLY!!! No I am not in Area 51 but somehow my computer has been abducted by Transgender Aliens and fucked!!! Believe it!! So here I lie awaiting the offspring of the two. Hopefully it will be a very lovely new PC with all sorts of advanced technology .. Bear with me I will try to keep you abreast (he he he I said a breast) of my situation..until then (holdin hand up a la Star Trek)

*posted by Cookie's accomplice in tart debauchery

SirluvsStorms 46M
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7/29/2006 1:44 pm

Isnt it great to have a friend to post for ya!!! Baby its coming all right! It will be very very fast!

cookie7823 replies on 7/29/2006 4:08 pm:
I would have asked you to do it, but no one would have known what you were talking about! LMAO!

SirluvsStorms 46M
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7/29/2006 7:12 pm

Im rolling on my bed cracking up on yur comment LOL! cuz its true so true!!

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