This really spoke to me......  

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This really spoke to me......

The author of this poem is Neorn. She is a friend of mine from Texas and a very talented and insightful poet and writer. You can view more of her musings in her blog under PineyFolks.

The night shadows descend upon the quiet world.
The creatures hiding from the predators.
As the night sky turns black as coal
she is heard sobbing quietly.
Her life has turned black as night.
The light from her gone.
The one who she gave of herself,
absent and away.
Will the dawning of the new day
Put a smile upon her lips?
Or will it continue to call her soul home?
The dead spot inside her never to be filled by another.
The mark of life upon her soul.
She must rise and continue on.
Head high and proud.
Knowing she has loved and learned,
The lesson a hard one to understand.
But she knows her life must go on.
The sun shines bright and gay.
Covering the world in happiness.
She smiles and stands and walks into her new life.
A new day has begun.

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