First Blog post  

cookie7823 46F
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8/3/2005 11:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

First Blog post

Not sure why I finally decided to create my own blog...I guess I thought it would be therapeutic.

Today...was running late and some freak driving slow in the parking garage caused me to miss my train and I had to wait for the next one. Got to work and the soda machine was sold out and the coffee machine was out of order. The first voice mail I listened to was someone telling me that I should "reconsider" my edits to a marketing piece. I just muttered under my breath, "you go get your principal license and the securities industry regulators can hall your ass off to jail!"

It wasn't even lunch time before the psycho bitch (the administrative assistant who thinks we all report to her!) had a severe meltdown. The toner was out in her fax machine so she was having to use mine--and apparently my fax machine SUCKS! LOL!

I finally got through the day...and luckily the train home wasn't very crowded and I was able to find a seat. Unfortunately, there was a weird smell emanating from the woman sitting next to me! Oh the joys of being a commuter! I finally arrived home to find that my dog had knocked over the trash can and wasn't pretty. If Elvis wasn't so damn cute, I'd put him on ebay! LOL

My bed is calling me now...I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day!

See...I said you'd be bored off your ass!

Barbiebunny69 43F

8/10/2005 1:17 am

welcome to blogville cookie!

SnootDollsHazed 63M

8/12/2005 4:26 am

Barbie Bunny 69,
Im glad to here you say that you thought that it might prove to be
Theraputic.I keep a journal and I too have written in it,on good days as well as not so good days.I happen to have a series of sections in it,one is called the worry jar.When Im in a bad or cranky
day Id put in entries so as to pour out everything thats bothering me
and thenclose the journal.Then, when Im having an absolutely great
day I can go back to the original entry and look at the situation from a better perspective.


chiparoux 49M
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8/14/2005 4:59 pm

Okay ~ I admit it: I AM THE ONE who used up all the toner in the she-bitch-from-hell Administrative Assistant's fax machine. But please tell her that if she faxes me one more picture of her ass I'LL SUE!!

rm_mariner311 52M
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8/15/2005 3:39 pm

Hurray ! Someone who makes use of CalTrain !! Welcome to the land-o-blogs, and enjoy your stay ><

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