Cold and rainy Saturday......  

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12/17/2005 1:27 pm

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Cold and rainy Saturday......

I am soooo glad that I have finished all of my Christmas shopping. I almost feel sorry for all those freaks who are braving the rain and the parking lot to stand in long lines at the mall today. (I said "ALMOST!")

Anyways, I was just doing some laundry and house cleaning and came upon something very interesting.

Inventory of Elvis's bed: bra I've been looking for for a week, red squeaky teddybear sans one eye and a nose, and a hairclip. Hmmmm...just for that I may have the groomers put a bow on his mohawk!

Inventory of Elvis's travel bag: an old toothbrush, his nassy rawhide thing that he stole from funnibunni's dog and a roll of toilet paper that went mysteriously missing from my bathroom before I could put it on the roll. Is he packing for the trip to Texas? I'll be really worried if he starts to hoard food in there, too!

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