A most disturbing conversation......  

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4/8/2006 1:32 am

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A most disturbing conversation......

I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with a friend of mine from Texas tonight. She is a sweet and wonderful girl who would give the shirt off of her back to help someone in need. "T" lived with me for a while in San Antonio and she did really drive me to the edge with her perfection quirks. That and I had to hear about how crappy her bosses treated her every single day...and she just took it.

Two years removed from that, I listened to her again tonight and I became so incredibly angry. "T" is a professional nanny and she has been with the same family for 13 years. In fact, she moved from Pittsburg to San Antonio "with them". When I first met her almost 8 years ago, she was complaining that they hadn't given her anything new in writing about her duties, pay, pay raises, time off, etc. When she started with them, she had a written contract for 2 years and it did not include any benefits...not even a subsidy to help her pay for private health insurance.

Fast forward to 2006. "T" has been working for the couple (both very highly paid physicians in specialty practices) for 13 years. She does all of their shopping, she picks up their dry cleaning, she arranges and supervises anything and everything that goes on at their house (cleaning lady, contractors, etc). She also makes sure that all of their vehicles are maintained and has driven Porche's and Jaguar's, etc to get oil changes--all at their request and obvious permission. So, recently "T" was driving the Isuzu Rodeo (which is expressly for her use to run errands during the day, BTW), and got into a minor fender bender.

"T" was most upset that her bitch of a boss (the husband is nicer, but doesn't have any balls) was still berating her for her "bad driving skills" a month after the accident. It wasn't her fault, she wasn't given a ticket, and she still maintains a perfect driving record. We're not talking about a bad driver here! BUT...her employers are requiring (?) her to work 4 weekends which she normally has off to make up for THEIR $500 insurance deductible!!!!!!!! Beep, beep...back the fucking truck up! She was explaining to me that she had offered to just write them a check for $500 instead and they didn't accept that when I stopped her short.

"NO, NO, NO!! THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! You are not responsible for the deductible on their policy! Does your contract say anything about use of their vehicles?"

"I haven't had a written contract in about 8 years."

Seriously, I thought my ears were going to start bleeding upon hearing that. She went on to say that she is thinking about looking for another job soon, but she doesn't want to "rock the boat" because she doesn't want to upset the children (two of which are off at school on the East Coast). Unbelievable...what can you do???

A most disturbing conversation...

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