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my first blog entry here.....i have been on AdultFriendFinder off and on now for about six years. i have met some cool people and had some great experiences, and of course, some not so great experiences. i plan to use this blog as a way to look back on those (the good and the bad), and talk about my current and future experiences. i have signed up under various names in the past, mostly due to getting off and on the site, and wish now that i had not done that so that i could go back and see all the people that i have contacted and met.

anyway, since this is my first entry, i suppose it is only appropriate to talk about my first experience from was late 2000, and i was living in California. i was married at the time, but not very happy at all. i knew that i had made a mistake but didn't know how to get out of the situation at that time. i don't remember how i found the website, but i signed up on it and contacted several girls in my area.

it wasn't long before i got my first response, and was off to meet her in person. i told my wife that i was going to San Francisco with a friend and instead drove up to the town where she lived. i picked her up from her parents house and we headed straight for a motel. it wasn't long before we were fully engaged in the act. my phone rang soon after and it was the wife. i had to go outside the room and talk to her quickly, trying to get her off the phone. i remember how nervous i was, but managed to hold it together until i could hang up.

after we got through with our fun, i took her to a restaurant and we had some Mexican food, then i brought her back home. i think this is when i first discovered how easy AdultFriendFinder was to find people who were on the same page as me. not looking for anything serious, just wanting to have some fun. it wouldn't be long before the fun would die down though........ be continued

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