Slow Drivin' on a Sunday Evenin'  

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8/13/2006 3:52 pm

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Slow Drivin' on a Sunday Evenin'

Have you ever driven with your grandparents on a Sunday evening? A lot of them tend to take their sweet time, just to make sure they get all the details they need to take in.

It's interesting to note how people change. They make decisions based on whims and they find out that they really don't like the decision they made. Well, it's all part of a learning experience called life and we each go through it. As a general rule, though, if it involves people, it's a lot more serious of matter. People have emotions and can get hurt... sometimes easily... sometimes not so easily.... Or should I say that some people are able to recover more quickly than others... Or better yet, some people 'hide' the hurt beneath layers. Some people don't.

Which am I? I'm one who tends to verbalize stuff. I think and analyze a lot, but I it tends to be talked through. I enjoy older people because they've generally gone through a lot of experiences and have a lot of wisdom when it comes to prevailing through trials. So, if you're older than me, don't be surprised someday if you find a younger man coming up to you asking questions and thinking out loud. He's just trying to find his way through various trials and circumstances; often asking himself, "Why?" He's curious and believes that he's invincible, but yet he is sensitive and gets hurt. He loves...

Perhaps I am wrong, but one thing that I do value about myself is that I care about people. One thing I don't like so much... is that it often hurts.

If you are my friend, the one thing that will not change about me... towards you... is I never hold anything against people. I can't. It's too much of a burden. It's a lighter burden to carry to be a friend to someone, even when they disrespect and hurt you... even afterwards. You can't change the past, and so it really doesn't matter; what matters is what you have now and what you do with it.

Perhaps you can understand what I'm writing in this relaxed drive. It's a somewhat cloudy, rainy day here... perfect for a small drive through my dreams.

Your depth lies in your heart,

ValetPairsPaged 36M/35F

8/13/2006 8:02 pm

Very well put CJ. I tend to be the same way, in that I forgive and forget very easily. I couldn't agree more when you say that what is done is done, no sense in dwelling. Let yourself heal and learn from it. Thanks!

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