Sideswiped on Your Heels...  

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7/23/2006 12:35 pm

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Sideswiped on Your Heels...

I was definitely in a groove last night and made a few heads turn and take a second look, or two, or three. Sometimes, I like making somewhat of a shocking statement saying, "HEY!" It's not because I want to impress people, it's that there's a WILD and ADVENTUROUS part of me that likes breaking loose every so often.

Hence, I made a few heads turn two or three times last night when I was showing off my PA again. A couple there was like, damn! OOOOPSSSS!!!! I wasn't supposed to look at it, was I? Well, shit! Not only did I look at it, but there were a few others, too!

For next time, I'm gonna practice up on trying some flamethrowing. I got some pretty good lessons last night from the bartender. Just as long as I don't burn my lungs.. or my hands.. I should be even more seductive.

Then, the comments about the blackmail tape that someone is holding captive so far. We'll see if that makes it into any of the amateur magazines or something. All I want is a little royalty fees.

Then.... dancing.... Not just on the dance floor either, but on top of the chair with a white rose in my mouth. I'd have to say that I really kinda enjoyed it. Let the lion seduce you! hehe...

Sammi, you didn't really have a chance to think twice about dancing. You know you didn't, babe. It's alright, though. It was fun seeing you have fun.

1966Classic.... I had never seen you dance like that until last night... That was one SEXY lady out there on the dance floor. To her date of last night, "Hold on to that woman!!!! She's not just a sexy lady, she is a true sweetheart and definitely deserves someone who will treat her with respect; as a person and as a life long friend."

Breakfast was pretty interesting, too. The waitress was feelin a little frisky.


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