Interesting Evening  

concretejock 38M
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7/16/2006 1:03 am
Interesting Evening

Tonight I went and hung out with some friends at the Arena. Had a nice afternoon of swimming and all, which was cool. My mom stopped by and we went out to eat. THEN, I actually conned my mom into coming out to meet some of the people who were out at the Arena. Woah, huh?

From there, there was a guy from my jobsite who came and sat down with us. He's a very built guy and he had a VERY built woman with him. She was OBVIOUSLY a lot more than he could handle. He was sitting there very uncomfortably. lol.. was funny to watch. I thought it was a guy at first with another guy. But she really was a she! She's a professional body builder here in Omaha, has lost 100 pounds in the last couple years and is going to be in an upcoming magazine. It was a lot of fun dancing with her and all.

It really got interesting when she started unbuttoning my shirt.

Then another older lady, who wasn't that bad lookin herself, grabbed me and said, "Damn, you're HOT! Let's go dance!"



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