Dancing is FUN...  

concretejock 38M
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8/13/2006 8:12 am
Dancing is FUN...

And it's a great way to interact with people... one by one.

I went out dancing last night and met a few interesting people. One, actually the owner of the club, gave me this little tidbit: You're still young, go out and have some fun. "Now, if you get to 40 or something like that, and you're in the same place, then you might have a little more to worry about."... Stash (pronounced St-aw-sh)

Another interesting person I met was a young latino-italiano from Souix City. He was there for a friend's birthday, but was pretty intrigued by my Spanish and that I knew the word, 'chevere'... lol. maybe we'll hang out sometime.

That and I got a suck for a buck from a hot chick, too. lol.... a little sucker that I grabbed off her shirt with my teeth. They liked that...

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