Back to Work  

concretejock 38M
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7/28/2006 6:55 am
Back to Work

The time off was good, fishing wasn't so good but I'll go again, now it's back to work again. I'm lookin forward to experiencing some new things this weekend. ie. the Toy Party, shootin some bigger guns off, and maybe gettin a used pair of skates from Play it Again or somethin. I'm gonna make sure I don't do a lower body workout before the next ORG practice, they might start callin me "insert-my-name-here go boom" and move me over to crew... hehe... Not gonna give up, though. They're cool girls.

In other international AdultFriendFinder news, CJ & friends birthday fest will be held sometime in September and I need some help setting this up. We should definitely have some fun with this one. A change of pace to a more private location. Perhaps a nice suite...

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