Adventures in...........  

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6/8/2006 4:34 pm

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Adventures in...........

If you've gone through college, you know that those years are some of your most fun and most adventurous years. I used to have a pretty tight crotchrocket and so I had some pretty nice chicks on the 'back' with me. I would have to admit though, going faster does not always have the best effect on them. I'd also give this advice to you regarding sex. Faster is not always better.

I had a pretty hot chick clinging to me one night when we were taking a road trip out to Branched Oak Lake. I went a little faster just to try to get her to hang on more tightly and get a little closer. She did that for a while, but once I hit about 130 mph, she started freakin out. Highly recommend that you DON'T do that! It turned out that my hot date turned out to be pretty HOT indeed. I never was able to get close to her again.

With sex, don't always think that the more intensity is better (even with another guy). While intensity will definitely make you cum harder, it won't necessarily make your partner cum harder... Maybe faster, though, if you have limited time. I like to go a little hard for a little while and then slow down; working myself up to a HUGE orgasm later on. The times when I've had the best sex, I've always tried to pay attention to my partner (all girls except for one) When they start gettin goin, I like to increase the intensity a bit until they're almost goin wild, then slow down and kick in with the foreplay.

I think it would be awesome to get with more of a 'teacher' type to really experiment around with a lot of different ways to experience the entire sexual spectrum...

Any ideas????

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