OK, Peeping Tom storypoem  

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9/3/2006 9:42 am

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OK, Peeping Tom storypoem

Here is my attempt at some erotic writing, let me see if anyone thinks anything about it.
The Window Watcher

I stand outside your window,
Feeling so bad, so wicked, so wrong
But I look thru window, and see you there
Walking around, red lace bra, red lace thong

My breath fogs a spot on the window, damn,
I stop with a fear of being seen, being sensed
My eyes are so wide, my skin so hot
My member so hard, against the window so pressed

I watch you, mesmerized, hypnotized, unable to blink
As you walk around your room, touching things, moving stuff
You brush your hair, you touch your breasts, oh the lotion
You put it on your body, rubbing softly, leaving nothing rough

You turn off your lights, save for the lamp beside the bed
I see your body move to your dresser, bathed in the soft light
I see you take out something in the second drawer, I strain to see
You unwrapped it slowly, stroking it, rubbing it, holding it tight

You move your hand down into your thong, I see you clinch up from your touch
You move your item of pleasure across your breasts, around, to and fro
Standing in front of the mirror, I see your reflection, pain and pleasure
One hand on the table, bent over panting, one hand rubbing down below

I can't believe I am watching, my pants soaked through and through
I want to come in, to take you, to have you, to taste you, to know you
But I can't, I stand there, and you move to your bed to lay down on your back
And provide me a view so erotic to watch, so painful to be unable to do

You slip your bra off, slowly, easily, touch and rub, like an exam but more
Your right hand cupping and squeezing your breast, you left hand across your eyes
You move your hips, I can see them lifting and lowering, I wish I knew your thoughts
Both hands now, both breasts grabbed, your nipples hard, soft moans, soft little cries

You slid off the thong, oh I wish I could steal it from you, I watch you drop it to the floor
Your fingers, right hand, slide into your hair, so wet, so saturated with your moistness
I swear I can see drops glistening from the light of the lamp beside your bed, you jerk
Oh man, you are moving, I see you arch you neck, left hand, stroking breast, such tenderness

I can't stand it, I need some release, I unzip my pants to ease the pressure, and I shudder
The cool air hits me, I shake and look around, is there a watcher watching the watcher
I don't care now, I look back at you, your item in your hand, right hand, to your breast
I see you twist the end, I see you jump, I know that the time for you is now measured

You bring your knees up, I get closer to the glass, I see you part you legs, oh god
You take your item and begin its journey downward, right hand holding, left hand stroking
Stroking your face, so softly, I wish I was the one you are thinking of, maybe, could be
Your right hand moving your item, its point, up and down, like a pen on your paper writing

Writing not words but pleasure, intense pleasure as I see your knees move in, together
And then apart, then together and you roll on your side and back on your back, oh god
You are loving a secret lover, he is taking you and you are letting him, you spread your legs
You bring both hands down and I see you pushing in your item, slowly, slowly, OH MY GOD

I stroke my member, don't want to explode, but you have lit a fuse in me that soon will go
You are in such throes, your body rolling, my head exploding, I don't want it to end
I listen closely, to the hum, the moans, the words of passion, the language of sex
In and out, faster and harder, I see your body thrash and writhe and jump and bend

You lift up, bent up, you moan with a cry, you slump back down with a gleam in your eye
I can't stop it, I stroke it, I pump it, and I explode onto your window, an amount to behold
I sigh, I can't help it, I must have been too loud, for when I open my eyes, you're before me
Looking, smiling, pointing to your door, and I shed a tear of joy, and do what I am told.

The End (yea right)

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