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9/13/2005 9:18 pm

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Did you say Poetry

Thinks I shall throw some of my poetry on here.

Pain of the Flame

Why do I fear the flame so much
The heat that burns
The fire that consumes
The beauty of the flicker
Bouncing off the darkness in my heart
The inferno breathing life into my soul so dark

Why do I fear the flame
Not for its goodness
But for its pain
A pain that can make hells flames seem tame
For the flame which is love
Can consume your body, spirit, and soul
And after it has feasted upon you will
Merge you with your other into one from two

This is the glory and greatness of true love
Which is seemingly beyond my reach
For the flames to consume me
Must be balanced between two

And my friend,
My confident,
My object of love
Cannot balance my feelings
When the flame seeks to take us
She pulls away
Leaving me reaching for the flame
Only to be burned without return

Someone once said
It was better to love and lost
Than to not have loved at all
For me to love in my way
Would be the end of me and
For that reason, I cannot love
Least the flame consume and destroy me

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