Am I done?  

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9/16/2005 10:28 am

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Am I done?

Well, I guess, I am almost thru here. I try to post in the group I like and its like, ho-hum, whodafaqru. I guess I didn't realize that unless you pay, you are to be ignored. So I can only guess that I need a vacation from here and then when I can pay tithe to the owners for the priviledge of being humiliated and embarrassed and rejected, I will be back and happy. Well, here is my poem I wrote this summer about taking a vacation. I think I like writing these poems. Maybe I need to go to a different type of website tho I would love to hook up with Pinky for some fun. OH Well, shit happens.

I work and I live and
I make it thru the day
And I think of all the places
I want to go to play

Am I greedy for wanting
To leave my life behind
Does this make me guilty
Of being selfish and unkind

To walk along a sandy beach
With surf washing over my toes
To lay in a lazy hammock
With the palmtree scent tickling my nose

Or perhaps to hike in the mountains
Covered over by the snow
Where the glaciers and bears and
The sled dogs still known

That the air is so crisp it seems
It could break off in your hand
And the stars at night are so bright
Like flashlights upon the land

Could it be that a history trip is in order
To see the four big faces or a balancing bolder
Maybe see a great dam or a general's last stand
Or some caverns deep or a bridge high above the land

A vacation is needed this much is so
But the place to retreat to, I do not know
So many places, I will never see them all
Maybe I will just catch some Rangers baseball.

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