Almost Friday  

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9/15/2005 3:33 pm

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Almost Friday

Well, it is almost friday so time to get ready to go to Austin. Not to meet any of the fine women on here, and I have seen some nice lookers on here from Austin, but to go watch the daughter play some college soccer. Got the damn car fixed this week, took $220 to do it, so I can expect to not have much fun this weekend. Would be nice to be able to afford to be a paying member of this place since no one pays any attention to you if you are a freebie. Maybe one day I will be able to pay to be rejected. I have been rejected for free for so long, maybe paying for rejection will give me a greater sense of self esteem.

Anyway, I think I will end by posting another of my poems. Hope someone digs on it.

Lonely Old Tree

The lonely old tree
Unable to stand straight
Healthy leaves on one side
The otherside is without
Year after year through
The sun and the rain
This lonesome old tree
Bears witness to its pain
It's trunk has been carved
By lovers and kids
Its' branches have been broken
By Mother Nature's winds
Yet it smiles on the ground
With its' shade in the day
Giving all Gods' creatures
A resting place from their play
Soon, this lonely old tree
Will die as all things do
To be cut up into small pieces
Which mankind will surely use
Firewood for the fireplace
Chips for the flower bed
Mulch to feed the soil and
Its memory for our head

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