A Little Bit of Poetry  

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8/19/2006 4:29 pm
A Little Bit of Poetry

After going thru a relationship that ended in an unfortunate way, I took up writing some poetry to express some of my feelings. These are some of my thoughts, probably poorly worded but hey, writing them help me along the way. Try not to snicker when you read them, well, I give you a snicker or two. Thanks and Take Care.

Do you know what is in my heart
Do you care what I feel inside
I long for you in the bright daylight
I think of you when I go to sleep at night
I cannot imagine my life without you in it
For my soul has been touched having you near it
I know that these feelings are only felt by me
Maybe someday, I can share them with you, open and free

When I sit all by myself
And my thoughts do wander about
I think of my own future
And all the things I will do without

I know that fame and fortune
Are not for the shedding of my tears
Fancy cars and a fancy big house
Mean nothing in my later years

But what strikes me as being needed the most
Are things which are more precious than gold
Things like friendship, love and unquestioning trust,
And you beside me in our journey to being old.

When I hear your voice
I hold my breath to make sure
I don't miss a word

When I hear your voice
My heart will pause so that
I absorb each syllable into my soul

When I hear your voice
My eyes get wide because
I see the world of joy so clearly

When I hear your voice
My skin begins to tingle because
I feel your presence touching me all over

When I hear your voice
I smile
Because you are talking to me.

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