complexlysimple 34M
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6/26/2006 4:15 pm

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12/16/2006 8:04 pm


Talk about feeling sluggish tonight... I think my biggest ambition is not to go to bed before 8 ..well maybe 9 any later would be pushing it ...lot's of ideas to blog about just ..I just feel no real desire to do so .... maybe one of these day's I'll have to figure out where all that motivation went to ... though for right now I'm content (not really happy, just content) to just be.

.... actually that could take a lot of work to be content just being ...considering there could be fortunes to make (and spend) ...and all the numerous ordinary tasks beckoning to be done I guess being lazy can actually take a lot of hard work

cookiequeen1000 53F

6/26/2006 5:05 pm

To just "be" implies that you do NOT concern yourself with fortunes to be made or spent, blogging, ordinary/extraordinary tasks, etc. It requires you to be in the moment...nothing more, nothing less.

Make a list of the blogging topics running through your head, so when you're actually "in the mood" you don't end up blogging how you're in the mood to blog but can't think of anything to blog about. LOL.

Sometimes its fun to go to bed before 8pm...even if you go alone. Then even if you get up at your regular time, you've still managed to sleep in on a work day. That's always a good way to start the day with a smile.

angelofmercy5 58F
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6/26/2006 5:36 pm

I'm really tired tonight too! I don't know if it is the rainy weather today...or the fact that we were out in the sun all day yesterday! But...bed is sounding good...for sleeping!

BaronessK 52F

6/27/2006 1:49 am

It could 'just' be a 'down time'...gearing up with stored energy for later...for 'whatever'! Just go with it {the 'flow', whatever}. Everything happens for a reason, even when it is 'nothing' happening....

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