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7/7/2006 5:32 pm

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You = Them

Now I don't mean you 'you.' I mean -it's another paradox/duality thingy- often it seems that hard feelings arise because people want to push the blame from themselves onto someone else. (me -I don't care I've been blamed for enough crap that I haven't done and didn't have that much control over that if someone wants to blame me I really don't care ...maybe I am to blame, maybe I'm not ... I don't care).

I think I'm going to illustrate this point by the responses I've read in one of my prior posts - my apologies to those used in this example, but I hope you/they stick around to see where I take this.

So let's look here Moods of Madness ...if you read the responses you find out that DIVISION77 and BaronessK have had the exact kind of mix up I'm talking about.

One little comment and bam one seemingly unresolved conflict. I grant you I don't know exactly what happened but it seems at one point DIVISION77 told BaronessK that she wasn't 'picky' and she must have went off on him (pulled a Jerry Springer on his ass(?) -Am I using that right mzhunyhole? ..that post on regional phrases came in handy ).

Now me being me I'm not going to choose any side here except MY side....because I can see how this could cause lots of problems.....

So first let's look at 'picky' or in this case not being 'picky' .... that's much like saying not being choosy or easily satisfied or perhaps having low standards ... not necessarily a bad thing because it may mean having the ability to find value where others don't ...though I think it was taken in a bad way ..which could/should be perhaps fairly obvious .... having 'low standards' generally isn't considered a 'good' thing and when it comes to sex/relationship involvements that can very easily be taken as being called a 'whore'
- though whether or not that's a 'bad thing is a whole other post- ...or that you'd sleep with anyone.

Now having looked at the word used let's look at the actions that may have caused it... though this is involves more speculation ... if you read through my other posts you'll see that BaronessK has left more than a few messages here some of a flirtatious nature ...and if we assume that she's done this elsewhere it could make some sense for DIVISION77 to say such...

Hopefully this is clear to everyone - I AM NOT saying either one is right or wrong, I'm just illustrating my point of things being misunderstood ...then again maybe I'm the one who's misunderstanding things and DIVISION77 did mean to imply BaronessK is a whore ....then again maybe BaronessK really is a whore.

For some reason I think that it really was a miscommunication though....

Again I apologize to DIVISION77 and BaronessK for using them as an example, but this is the kind of shit that pisses me off ...there are so many ways to take things just really pisses me off when people assume something to be true (without clarifying it first) and then go to arms against each other and refuse to open their eyes to other possibilities ...the same damn thing can be seen at work between nations ..look at what's happening in/with North Korea now...

That's why I firmly believe wars will end right after bar-fights .... well that is assuming wars don't go nuclear and eliminate everyone who could get involved in bar-fights.....

BaronessK 52F

7/7/2006 10:23 pm

Uhmmmm, hun, actually I'm not a whore...cuz I ain't never been paid for it! {Been offered, mind ya.... More to the point {yeah, yeah, I'm getting there} the comment DIV and I were talking about was one he made in his post asking people if there was a feature about other people that attracted them. He told someone else, based on her response, that she wasn't 'picky'; she and someone who knew her took it the wrong way, totally, and tried to start a flame war on his blog about it. So when you posted about misunderstandings, personality conflicts, or whatever, Div and I both automatically remembered the still more or less recent incident.

What he meant, and as how everyone else took his comment, was that {like me} it is not features and such that turn us on {for me, physically, it is only laugh lines; and again that is more to their psychological nature}. So I commented on his blog and probably on mine and must have referenced it in one of your posts {about 'drama'? was that Moods of Madness?} that *I* wasn't 'picky'! Div and I get along just far as I can tell, anyway! {All I told him on his blog about it, is if he had said that comment to me I would have thought: Not picky? Hmmmm, he's basically right. I'm pretty low maintenance all the way around, except except for my sex drive!}

As for my 'flirtatious' nature, hun...I was raised Texan -- we just say whatever is on our mind! I tease Div, I flirt with you and Wild and SkyKing and Intierzha, and I have a general flirtatious nature most of the time with men in general...come to think of it, I flirt with women, too, like mzhuny! I just enjoy calling it like I see it, cubby...and ya are *sigh* cute...and your mind is fascinating to me. So why shouldn't I say it? Not like I'm asking you to go to bed with me {not that I would turn down the offer, mind ya }, but the things I say are true.

Glad to see your recent sabbatical has ended; it has ended, right?

complexlysimple replies on 7/8/2006 4:27 am:

complexlysimple replies on 7/8/2006 4:41 am:
Well, glad to see there was a misunderstanding on my part ...somewhat anyway ..and I can't say I mind the flirtation for recent sabbatical having ended ... hmmm, I dunno ..I think I may just post on this since I've reacquired an enjoyment of one of my hobbies..

BaronessK 52F

7/7/2006 10:30 pm

I just went back over to Moods of Madness that you posted, and reread the comments...too damn funny! Div's 'she' was NOT ME! We knew who we were talking about, and so I just referenced the incident as something that was done and over but recent {and great example of what you were talking about} and then he {Div} quoted me...finishing with his take on the situation...and he said 'she'! Ahhhh, too damn funny, that! I'll be glad to 'kiss and makeup' with you or with him, though, hun....

Thanks, darlin', I needed this!

complexlysimple replies on 7/8/2006 4:32 am:
hey from here it looked like it was between you two ...either way shit like that just irritates the hell out of me and kind of makes me want to go ballistic on the entire planet .. ya know? kind of there will be peace or there will be pieces

I've just had to deal with way too much of this kinda ~^~ in my life and at this point I'm ready to just... ggggrrr ...basically no more and not in my presence ..might be a bit iron fisted of me but....

BaronessK 52F

7/8/2006 5:17 am

I am glad you have reacquired enjoyment in something, but I hope that doesn't mean you won't still continue to blog, at least some. I really do like reading what you think.

As for 'shit like that just irritates the hell out of' you, that's what Div and I were talking about, actually; things get blown way out of proportion, and there's always enough 'drama' {too much} already. He basically 'let it go' even though it was on his blog; I'm rather surprised he commented on it at all outside of his blog, actually. I'm sorry if we struck a wrong chord; seriously. We were just responding to your post, and where it lead our thoughts!

*poking DIV* He started it, CS! {Please don't go; I'll behave, honest! }

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