Where have all the conversations gone?  

complexlysimple 34M
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8/21/2006 6:58 pm

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8/25/2006 3:15 pm

Where have all the conversations gone?

Just something I was wondering and I figured I'd use that as a topic rather than 'Support Terrorism, believe the US Media' .. though that might have been a fun post in an of itself

Anywho, where do you go when you're looking to just have a conversation with someone you don't know?

Something I'd like to know since going to a bar here is kind of out of the question considering how loud many play the music....

and why is it many younger women assume a guy is always looking to get laid?

Odds are many women think about sex more than I do ..which isn't to say I don't it's just fairly predictable as to when I do

Even getting something as simple as a dance gets made out to 'we going to go fuck later' ...which is irritating for me to say the least...

Hmmm, I think this will be it for me then tonight I'm partially sloshed. I decided to finish off a bottle the last of a bootle of vodka since I picked up a new one ...I thouhg the prvious bottle was gone already - oops ...it was less than a 1/4 bottle of a 750mL ..so about 187.5mL (I think I did the math right) or about 3/4 cup ... hey, it's been a while since I've really done any serious drinking ...for good reason it get's expensive in a hurry -especially here with the guys I know some will/can drink a about 20-24 cans by themselves in a few hours ....

cookiequeen1000 53F

8/22/2006 4:01 am

Good question. The bars are too loud and the people too drunk. I rarely drink so its very annoying to be around a bunch of drunks. I've been known to strike up conversations, albeit short ones, with just anyone in any check out line, or shop. I'll comment on outfits people are trying on, especially if they look good. I'm pretty bold that way. Lately I've used the local chatroom, but everyone there is just looking for sex or sextalk. It is tough to just find good conversation.

Hope the vodka was delish and your hangover isn't too harsh. *smiles in her quiet voice*

complexlysimple replies on 8/22/2006 3:55 pm:
glad I'm not the only one that has that problem ...as for the vodka ..delicious indeed ... no hangovers (it rare for me to get one however much I drink)

Etherealbreeze 54F

8/22/2006 5:55 am

Well, I can't advise you where to go...nor would you take it.I can tell you where I go....into my Silence and I take people there, that I want to know. I learn more hanging about quietly, than I ever would by talking. I connect first by touch...holding hands, walking on the beach; feeling.... Words can be so inane, given that they mean different things to all of us. I know how to sign (lucky me...); and from experience, I know that you can not misinterpret signs, they come from the Silence. I enjoy closing my eyes and just touching the other's face and reciprocate, by letting the other do the same.
Are words necessary? Yes, but first I use other mediums at my disposal.

Luv, Roz

I am Roz , a rose that's ephemeral and rare. Yet always here! Hugz!

complexlysimple replies on 8/22/2006 3:57 pm:
...and of course other mediums get misunderstood as well ... which puts things back to square one

BaronessK 52F

8/22/2006 6:20 am

I go to certain blogs. Granted there is not really a 'real time' sort of thing going on, but.... And sometimes there is the messenger, even with voice! You and Intierzha and Benkai7...and others' depending on my mood. Always the foundation of thought, serious or not, depending, but there.

complexlysimple replies on 8/22/2006 3:58 pm:
so not a whole lot of real time convo for you either huh?

BaronessK 52F

8/24/2006 10:16 am

Lately, more and more, it is 'real time'...the messenger voice is about as interactive real time as one can get considering the distance; same as telephone, although person to person...*sigh*...no, not much. Bummer.

complexlysimple replies on 8/24/2006 3:31 pm:
yeah person to person definitely allows the most ...facial expressions, hand gestures ... all the fun stuff

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