Vivid Dreams  

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6/10/2006 4:39 am

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Vivid Dreams

So much for sleeping in ... a dream awoke me this morning.. It was a dream of reading a profile at this site was more detailed than ever before ..there was a name, marital status, number of children, age ... all the things that normally get associated with knowing someone ... I guess it just woke me up because it told me more than I wanted to know .. I realize it's just a dream so it's not neccesarily true

...but it can very well serve as a reminder to love without becoming attached .... in a selfish "I want" sort of way..

Though this has reminded me of some dreams I had years ago.. I haven't recalled having any recently at least....

The dream was me running - not out of fear to to get away...but just to run - I was running in the open down a road, when the road changed to forest I kept running because it felt good to run without the jarring pain of my feet impacting the ground (and spending the shock throught my body) ... as I was running through the forest I dropped to all fours in midstride ..loping along like some large animal ..then I felt my body change to something larger ..into what I assume was a bear ..and the thing is I felt it .. didn't see just felt, because I was the bear, seeing through the bear's eyes - my eyes...

I can't remember if that was before or after I acquired the nickname "Cubby" ... I think there may have been as much thought put into that nickname as there might have been for my given name....

MaggiesWishes 59F

6/10/2006 7:39 am

Interesting what dreams produce.
What did ya eat last night? Usually that's the first question

Barnes & Nobel have some great books on interputation of dreams, check it out. Maybe try online to see what you find. Do the "google".

Usually when you turn into an animal, your past is trying to warn you.
A bear means that your home territory may change soon.

It's been awhile since I've really read up on this, but it use to facinate me.

warm huggies 2ya

complexlysimple replies on 6/12/2006 5:48 pm:
food? yeah I've had that cause a few weird dreams

.... I have a feeling I know what the AdultFriendFinder dream meant for the running bear .. if I remember right I had that shortly before I went to college ...700 miles from home ...definitely a home territory change

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