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6/12/2006 7:40 pm

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Okay, I'm starting to wonder a bit if there aren't some tradtions here in Blogville ..

100th post = 100 things about me?..

someone might just have to sit me down and educate my sorry @!@ before I blow through things left and right... ... I've got a nasty habit of doing that... light speed? that's waaayy to slooowww for me... nope, blink and you just might miss me ..err, that is if you ever even see me coming ...hey, if you never hear something traveling faster than sound until after is passes?.. why would you see something faster than light ..perhaps ever?

So back to the matter at hand:

What are the traditions here? (if any)

...when in Rome .... though I doubt the Romans really cared about local traditions wherever they went ...probably just brought Rome with them....

BaronessK 52F

6/13/2006 1:37 am

I must be Roman...I posted my 100 on my 42nd post...because it's my damn blog and that's how old I'll be in July this year {the 42, not the 100! }. It's your blog; do it if you feel like it. I've seen people break it up into 50's, some that never do it; it's their blog. I just like messing with people, in a way -- some never believe anything, so I make sure I always tell them the exact truth {which means they believe me less!}. Really enjoy your if you couldn't tell by how many times I've posted! P.S. Do you think that color {royal blue} makes my boobs look bigger?

absolutelynormal 56F
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6/13/2006 7:14 pm

Traditionally 100 things on your 100th post, but I only did 50 cause it's very time consuming and I just couldn't think of 100 intersting things about me. But, like the barroness said, your blog, your rules mac

complexlysimple replies on 6/14/2006 4:59 pm:
hmmm, I'll think about it ...though it depends on what day it falls

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