Time and Space a Whirl  

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4/5/2006 7:12 pm

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Time and Space a Whirl

Oddly enough I'm starting to feel more relaxed in my life again, the odd part about that is my life is starting to get chaotic again.

For starters I should be moving into an apartment of my own, hopefully, by the end of this month. It might be a tight squeeze financially, but it should definitely be doable. So there's all the fun associated with moving, and being able to furnish the apartment. I expect that may take some time, but the big thing is going to be emptying the freezer here since my roommates and I split a half pig and a quarter of a cow between the three of us just this fall.

Then there's also the possibility that I'll be getting hired on directly where I'm working instead of just being a temp, which would be a good thing even if that means my hours might be played with some more.

I also can't forget about the mundane day-to-day things, and deciding if I want to go back for a masters (and possible changes degree).

Yep, I think things are returning to the normal chaotic pace that I enjoy.

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