Thinking of You, Thinking of Me  

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5/19/2006 7:51 pm

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Thinking of You, Thinking of Me

Thinking of you,thinking of me,
thinking of us holding hands by the sea.

So there's this girl....

Okay, being serious having come to blogland (and AdultFriendFinder), fairly recently I'm not sure what exactly to do here .... actually I'm not sure what to do in the off-line world either, but anyway on to my dilemma....

One of the first blogs I read upon arriving was kind of a techie guide put up by one of the bloggers, so being the dork/geek that I am I figured I check it out later in a bit more thorough reading. Shortly after the title changed, which naturally peeked my interest, so I head in to check things out and find poetry of pain ... which is something I know way too well - I've spent literally years of my life believing suicide was a release for those of more value than me, living was the punishment I was to suffer - and as such posted an opposing poem.

Long story short, now I find myself wondering if I've made some sort of connection ...which wouldn't be a bad thing since I definitely find her interesting and would like to know her better, but I'm not really sure how....

But as usual that's not the only problem. In the three weeks I was waiting for my cable hook up, my mind started shaking things around and now I'm wondering if she's not the same woman who wanted me out of her life before (call her x), which could present a problem seeing as how that relationship ended ... badly ...communication breakdown ...but, I'll save that for elsewhere...

So this more or less leaves me thinking about three things:

A ) They're two different people, that just seem really similar - including in looks, although I never actually saw what x looked like in the 6 months we chatted I got a very detailed description that has been emblazoned in my mind, and the description would the pictures I've seen here...

B ) They are actually the same person and she's changed enough in the last 18 months that I can reasonably (and seriously do) doubt these two are the same person ...more so since I believe they are in different geographic locations, though it's not impossible that she's moved.

C ) I should forget about the whole bloody thing and get lost in the realms of blogland, even though it generally takes a while for me to really connect with most people ...though there are a exceptions.

Even more rare is it that I find someone that can knock me off my feet, which x did and I think this lady by the sea might be able to do as well....

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, I'd definitely appreciate them ... even if it's just that I'm "a geek that thinks waaaayyyy too much"

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