Speed of life  

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6/8/2006 6:07 pm

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Speed of life

I thought about this many times before and every time I think about it I end up coming to about the same conculsion ...speed isn't a bad thing even -or perhaps especially - when it comes to dating/romance.

I think the bigger issue is communication, if it's an acurrate open and free exchange why couldn't two people go from just meeting to happily married in just days -granted that may require a rather intense communication, but it would be possible...actually I think I've read a few true love stories that started as a couple coming together for a one nightstand that lead to marriage ..and not due to a pregnacy (might as well clarify that now )

If anything moving fast might be benificial. That way it may be less likely to make untrue assumptions about them ... let's face it, it's hard not to make assumptions about someone ...'I wonder if they ___. They seem like they would be the kind to ____.' ...and it just seems like the longer a person goes without finding out if their assumptions are true or not the stronger they become, just reinforcing themselves ...then instead of loving them for who they are, it's more like you're loving them for who you think they are... at that just ends up being bad news.

Nope, if anything I think faster might be better ...I'm not saying just go straight to >>! but... I think the best way to say it is the way that helped me get over my last relationship (and straight to moping about the lack of one ) was: "it might be better to have it go wrong sooner rather than later"

In a way that makes sense, I think if a relationship is going to go to ~^~ it'd be better to happen before there are kids, a marriage and property to consider.

Granted taking time may make some of those problems avoidable, but the way I see it life seems to toss a lot of curveballs ..and it would be nice to have someone to work with quickly to resolve those issues and get back to having fun and enjoying life...

Heck if the slow as molasses US government can topple a nation half a world away within a few months ...and start the country down the road to democracy ... I gues I don't see why two people can't work together to start a lasting relationship even faster....

Maybe that's just me though ..highly adaptable with a mind that can twist things around and make quick assesments ... (then I just have to find out if that assesment is accurate ) ...which may point to another large part of a relationship with someone else ...how good of a relationship you have with yourself ..honest, open...

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