Rewarding Bad Behaviour ? ..and a bit of explaining  

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8/8/2006 5:47 pm

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8/10/2006 7:09 pm

Rewarding Bad Behaviour ? ..and a bit of explaining

I suppose I shouldn't be overly surprised that controversial titles draw more than a little attention...

...actually in a way it amuses me, because it almost promotes outrageous behaviour ..the very thing that some would claim they're trying to quell.

The thing is what you call outrageous may very well be just a different interpretation of something you find rather ordinary and mundane...

What's really the difference between me saying 'women are useless' and arguing that women shouldn't be forced to be kept 'barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen'

To me it seems like about the same sounds a bit nicer and the other is shorter....

I admit I can be manipulative like that ...I don't like doing so, but at the same time I think a very important point is being made there about the perspective of which someone is looking at what's been said

... now what I really dislike is that sometimes it takes being harsh to get the point across ... and the point of these posts A song & useless women and No need for fun was essentially the same point I've been trying to get across for a while .... women need to take the initiative and perhaps more often in relationships...especially since the buiding & maintaining of societies seems to requires active particiaption by women ... that biology thing with nursing children definitely gives a unique perspective ..perhaps a more human oriented perspective.

I'll admit I'm very much orientated towards 'things' and 'space' to the point that 'a woman's touch' is seriously needed ..maybe just to remind me that I am human ..

And I've been saying as much since I've arrived in the blogs I've gotten more than slightly frustrated ... though I also realize that being here has been more than a little helpful already ...

I dunno ... I guess I might be more of a 'geek among geeks' than I've really realized ....because I think I'm missing something really obvious when it comes to people .. I still really don't understand (or get) this idea of me being 'attractive' or 'sexy' though I'm willing to accept that it's possible and perhaps even likely...

BaronessK 52F

8/9/2006 3:29 am

Just need the right woman at the right time to explain it to you right, in 'tab a' to 'slot b'...or 'put that thing in this space'...not that you don't know the 'how''s the who and where/when and all!

P.S. Geek me, babe! {Geeks are sexy, and you are you're double sexy!

complexlysimple replies on 8/9/2006 4:05 pm:
...I guess I'll believe that you really believe that then...

Etherealbreeze 54F

8/9/2006 2:48 pm

Could it be that you don't really perceive yourself as being 'attractive' or 'sexy', because those are about feelings, and thoughts that are the perceptions of the beholder? Just as your perceptions of 'attractiveness' or 'sexy', are your very own.
To quote a cliche: "What's good for the goose is good for the gander". Obviously this is a terrible fallacy, non-the-less, it was someone's perception of reality.
The truth of the matter is that what's 'attractive' or 'sexy' to some or even the most, does not necessarily mean that I will find it to be so.
And of course you're human, you just forget it sometimes. I agree that you are very oriented in a certain direction and that you probably do need to be touched to bring you back from wherever you travel in your mind, but somehow I don't believe just any feminine touch would do the trick.

I am Roz , a rose that's ephemeral and rare. Yet always here! Hugz!

complexlysimple replies on 8/9/2006 4:04 pm:
Very true... it's very much the perception of the beholder, which is a good reason for me not to understand it and just accept that it's their judgement ...

As for the feminine touch I think your right ...which is a reason I haven't just said 'whoever wants some come and get it'.... no, I think first I need to get my mind to a point where I can trust someone enough to let my guards down

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