Reality Check  

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4/16/2006 8:06 pm

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Reality Check

I think this might not be a bad time for one of these.... I've been a member for all of 2 whole weeks ....and surprisingly enough it's also Easter (not a bad day for reflection, I'd say).

Soo.. here we go, I think I've sent all of 10 or twelve emails ....most of which were never replied to (although I'm thinking some weren't genuine profiles... spammers?).

I've been winked at by a guy problem, although I'm not sure why he did, since I didn't have a picture, or all that much information up yet... so whatever, at least someone is winking at me.

I've most likely ruffled a few feathers... although that's no surprise.. besides those feathers may have need to be ruffled anyway.

Then of course there's this lovely little space that I could call my home here. Which I more or less started because trying to capture who/what I am in words seems to be elusive at best, and there was no way I could have in just a profile (even though it's already been through 7 iterations, and will likely see more).

The funny thing about it is, that here just like in the physical world, I seem to draw a crowd that's older than I am. ...Not sure why, but I don't mind ...if anything it might be that all you whippersnappers may just have settled down enough to actually find my ramblings interesting. (I'm talking to all of the 40-50 year olds out there) .. (At times I feel more like 123....)

Although just from looking, it seems that the average age of visitors is in the 30's (which is actually younger than I expected), where as the average age of commentators seems to be in the 40's (which is about what I expect ...welcome to my world)... then again maybe that's just the age range of bloggers here, and people who are actually willing to read.

So all-in-all it seems that things are going to go the way they're going to go ....and perhaps I might just find someone whose willing to take a chance and try to keep up with me .... in and out of bed .....Hey, my profile shows me looking other than a woman for more than just 1 reason ...but that's post for a later time ...I will say however that 1 is what I actually would prefer ...

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