Numbers & Thoughts of My Life  

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Numbers & Thoughts of My Life

Since I've started this discussion through email, I might as well move it here so I only have to write it once (hopefully).

Even though I have a degree in engineering, or perhaps because of it I find numbers to be generally vague and over valued, some major ones for me are age, body mass index, dick size.... and I'm going to hit on all three.

So I'll start with dick size. Even if I go and get a tape measure and start measuring when can end up with discrepancies, measure length from top, bottom, side, do I just go tip to skin or push back as far as possible?

My cock might measure 6 inches from the top and 8 from the bottom and 7 from the side, and I may gain an inch (or maybe two) if I push back which one is the right one?

The same thing can be said for girth where to measure... and there even a circumference is questionable is it wider that it is tall, or taller that wide?

But onto body mass index ...what a wonderfully useless figure. Making obesity levels based off of just height and weight (most I've seen) is asking for trouble ... then again maybe I'm biased since I stand 6 foot 1 inch and weigh around 300 pounds -the heaviest I've ever been is 330 pounds (an even 150 kilos)- which means I'd be obese or morbidly obese ... so, where does that consider a decade of lifting weights? ...Hmm I wonder if Arnold Schwarzenegger would fall into the obese category... that'd be kind of funny - "Excuse me Mr. Schwarzenegger you're obese"

Now onto age... not exactly useful because no where does it count for experiences, maturity or general health. I'm not going to talk about experiences or maturity since experiences would take ...a lifetime and maturity, I'm sure every one realizes that since just about everyone knows someone that "doesn't act there age".

So that leaves health and general body condition ...and that is where not everyone may be up to date. Younger people today are absolutely beating their bodies to a pulp - and to a much greater degree than before.

Personally I've pounded on my body enough that I've passed both of my parents (who are both 50ish) for joint problems ...knees, shoulders, back all cause regular pain ...occasionally at debilitating levels - I've not been able to lift my left arm before, I was trying to turn on the shower and my arm wouldn't go higher than my waist before falling back down ... I've had it checked, MRI'd and found out nothing.

My knees have been twisted and jerked around enough that there have been times that they've nearly given out on me and caused me to fall, though this has healed(?) in the last few years (it was the worst in high school) ... here again I've had it examined several times.

I'm not the only one either, one of my friends the same age has had three knee surgeries, two on the right, on on the left .... two were done in high school the third a few years later ... he's the same age I am.

How does this happen? I'd say the increasing demand for competitiveness at younger and younger ages, I personally started lifting weights at 13 and truthfully it was a necessity if I wanted to actually compete or even play high school sports. This is definitely different that what it used to be as our high school coaches had admitted that they had never even seen a weight-room until they were in college walk into a high school of 2000 students and you might find a million dollar (+) weight-room, and if you ask more than a few athletes will be taking protein, creatine or whatever they can.


So in all reality saying that I'm a broken down old dog may not be that far from reality with regards to everything, but the number of years I've been alive. When it comes down to it though no matter how much older you are than I am, that means nothing in regards to how much longer either one us have to live, for it is very possible neither one of us will live to see another day.

Now having said that, I'm basically happy with my life, there have been some really rough spots, some really fun things and I hope to be able to continue on my way for a while longer .. the only thing that I'm really wanting to change is that I don't have a "playmate" (for lack of a better word).

It's now 5 min to midnight local time, so I think I'll head to bed since I work at 8:30.


I forgot to add that like more than a few friend my age my hair is starting to recede, thin (I'm not as far some of them though) and possibly grey.. just thought I'd add that to top this off

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Hey baby!!! Lol

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