Low Expectations  

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4/14/2006 3:56 pm

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Low Expectations

Wow, for once I might actually write what I've been thinking about instead of just sitting down and letting things just flow.

....that happens a lot, I make a plan in my head and ...it never actually gets followed.

At least it usually works out for the best.

Anyway.... back to what I planned.

When it comes to any kind of relationship I generally have really low expectations, either that it won't last, or it just won't go that far.

I want it to last and am willing to work, it's just that I'm not going to start pushing someone into doing something they aren't ready for, or don't want to work on together.... that and I realize I am a bit of a freak ...I can justify that if need be, it just requires me getting all dorky and talking about Bell curves and averages and a bunch of geeky stuff like that ....okay, maybe I'm more than a just "a bit" of a freak.

Either way it came as no surprise that I would have a woman tell me I need to "get some" before a woman actually hops in bed with me, but it came from a good friend who's happily married (w/ 4 children) and 40ish (just means she can hold a conversation as far as I'm concerned). So it can't really be taken as an insult ...especially considering she also said it should happen even if it meant she had to clean up the mess (she was also a custodian in the residential hall where I lived)..... that says a few things there doesn't it.

Truthfully though most of the time I am perfectly happy to just talk....it's not like you can start having sex walking down the aisle at a grocery store ... ...... technically, I suppose it is possible, but I think I'll leave that to a professionally made porno, I'm not sure I want to cause that much mischief.


Stray thought: I really need a more expansive list of emotions on the "comment" menu, this is the fourth or fifth time I've thought of one and not been able to find it. Maybe a fill in would work better?


Although I think that being happy with talking and not actually pushing for sex (like some guys do) has lost me more than a few opportunities. Especially since one of my female friends from college started dating a guy during our senior year, and this guy looked more like me than most of my family... ... I admit might be biased, but there was a physical resemblance, especially in the face..... but whatever life goes on.

Overall though I'm not sure I mind that much. I mean if we can't communicate (in some form) about having sex, we probably shouldn't be having sex.


I think I'm going to end there before I write a novel ...or three. (And this is from just ~20 minutes of actual thought/work... it's kind of frightening to imagine what an entire day's worth of my thoughts would look like...especially considering this is just one small topic.)

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