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complexlysimple 34M
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8/4/2006 3:43 pm

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9/28/2006 6:02 pm

Loud mouth chatterbox

Well, I took the time to look at the 'browse by location' ...and ummm I'm a loud mouth -relatively speaking ... the recent posts list is pretty much me, me, me and me.. with just four or five others showing on preview area... then again the preview has posts that date back to the 29th of July ... so whatever...

Etherealbreeze 54F

8/6/2006 7:25 pm

Well, loud mouth, if you like to provoke reactions and then sit back and watch people squirm, you've chosen the right forum for it...loll
Just a word of advice, if you are into provoking reactions, so you can do your study on 'different perceptions of reality', just make sure it's not out of fear of being rejected by the opposite sex.
See, right there you can add that onto 'different perceptions of reality', hope it helps the survey...loll.
In first grade, in Canada, new a little bloke like you...he was so afraid of being rejected, for who he was, that he invariably provoked the girls he liked to the limit, until I whacked him in the face...See, again 'a different perception of reality', which , I'm glad to say that I out grew, gee....because again my perception of reality changed with maturity.Though I hear that little boy, now a man, is still hiding behind a wall.


I am Roz , a rose that's ephemeral and rare. Yet always here! Hugz!

complexlysimple replies on 8/7/2006 4:47 pm:
...actually I think I'd cal that a 'love tap' ... unless it was done with a 2x4 ....

As for provoking reactions I generally don't try, there are enough to watch without me adding to it... Which maybe more my problem "not exciting/bold enough to date" ... so I've been told anyway ..though that's in the fleshy world where somethings just never come up to talk about....

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