Kill the Messenger !!!  

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5/20/2006 7:01 am

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Kill the Messenger !!!

There are some things I just don't understand ...actually there are great many things I don't understand....

Considering all the hoopla surrounding a certain movie that's just been released, this seems as good a time as any to ask this...

Does it really matter who delivers the message?

Now granted I'm an information hound and I really just want the info whether it's the child of a whore, or some divine being type thingy giving me that information - I really don't care.

Suppose I've got a message..

Would it really make a difference whether I'm the son of God, or the son of a whore?

-Well I suppose it might make some people feel important having the son of God being their messenger boy.-

The way I see it though the message is going to be the same, I'd just be the knucklehead that gets to deliver it ...and as an added bonus I risk having something lopped off if it's not a welcomed message..

Actually this could tie into some of the ~^~ I've been reading about in other blogs about some kind of racial name calling type stuff...

So what if someone wants to say a few disrespectful words ... they might be trying to prove a point (in a rather different way ) it's just a word/phrase/whatever ... I don't see why everyone has to get all riled about it ..they might just have an idea and can't find a way to express it and so start tossing grenades around (figuratively & literally) hoping to get their idea across.....

Actually that really intimate passionate sex people talk/think about might be the same kind of thing ..kind of "I can't find the words to tell you how I feel about you, so please let me show you"....

Well seeing as how I've proabably either
A ) already pissed someone off or
B ) given a few things to think about

... I'm going to go catch up on someone more sleep... and maybe some will have some sort of reply, or something...

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