It's a weird world  

complexlysimple 34M
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6/19/2006 6:58 pm

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12/16/2006 8:04 pm

It's a weird world

I have to say there are some weird trends going on ... I'm not sure it's because of changing seasons, me arriving on the scene or what .... long time bloggers going away, or cutting down on the number of posts...

Although in a way it I find it kind of interesting watching the ripples flow through the blogsphere.... I wonder how often people just sit back and watch the world weave as it wills ...there are so many things to learn and just watch waiting and anticipating about how they will come out...

It makes me wonder at what kind of ripples I leave in my wake... many seem to be hidden from me -of that I am fairly sure ..but I wonder if they are hidden to those that are moved by the ripple I cause...

I suppose this might have a mystic/zen/religious feeling to it ...which I suppose isn't entirely wrong ..but it's not quite right either since I'm thinking more inquisitively than reverently ...more like the scientist than the preacher ...then again maybe there isn't much of a difference seeks an answer the other believes in an ultimate answer ..though which is which I think a power higher than me only knows

BaronessK 52F

6/21/2006 1:17 am

Art {blogs} imitating Life; people move in and out of RL and they do here as well. That's Life. Glad to see you're writing more {and seem to be feeling better}.

complexlysimple replies on 6/21/2006 4:05 pm:
it comes and goes ... ups and downs ...pretty much what life seems to be ...good thing too otherwise I think I'd get bored

BaronessK 52F

6/21/2006 11:39 pm

I don't remember the last time I was 'bored'...well, beyond going up to J and saying, "Amuse me?!" Actually, for the most part in general, *I* amuse ME...way too much! {It's good to be the Baroness! }

complexlysimple replies on 6/22/2006 5:26 pm:
I suppose if nothing else there is always watching paint dry

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