Duality of Politeness -or- Who's beating who?  

complexlysimple 34M
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7/7/2006 4:39 pm
Duality of Politeness -or- Who's beating who?

Okay, now that I've grabbed my S'more's and fruit vodka slushy

(No shaky hands for me. I think I might be well on my way to being diabetic - too much skipping of meals ...yes, that's what my 'abs of flab' are from - their not from overeating)

But anywho I was reading a new article on CNN's website today about bosses being pricks ..now that's beside the point the article ended with a quote attributed to Steve Spurrier who was (apparently - I don't pay attention to college football) former coach of the University of Florida football team "...If people like you too much, it's probably because they're beating you."

I have to admit at first I found it kind of distressing.... I mean here's this article about how being a prick is essentially un-econmical, yet there seem to be no consequences for those who are and then ends with a quote that can taken as "those who are treating you nicely don't think much of you...."

(This actually getting interesting to write because as I type my mind is continuosly rehashing/twisting/turning that statement/perception around seeing it from many different angles)

Now that single interpretation just seems wrong on so many levels. ...shit, I've lost my line of thought - to so many different lines on this topic.... but I think it was...

At first I didn't agree with it because in being at the top politeness can be seen as a luxury (though it may also be a neccesity) and being at the bottom may make politeness a neccesity (doesn't have to be) .... but the thing is it's really both for both cases.

I mean sure being at the top may mean there are lot's of underlings wanting to be close regardless of how they are treated so you can treat them however you want ...but in all reality the best probably won't do that... think of a pack of animals (and yes people are animals ....mammals were still considered animals the last time I checked - and that is NOT a bad thing..it's just a thing) ... most are going to want to go to the best/top dog(whatever) because it means a better chance of survival ...though this isn't always true... because several working in cooperation is very likely to out perform any one individual.

So basically it comes down to what each member thinks is the most economical/efficient for them ...so while being at the bottom can make being nice/polite a nessecity - it is only a neccesity keep the unit cohesive.... (though that may not be entirely true either...)

Okay I think I'm going in circles here (problem of thinking too much) ... so basically the outcome is being nice/polite can be just that being nice/polite ...it doesn't mean you're up or down ...so now I find the whole article rather funny to be honest ... one of those things that both does and doesn't need to be written ... much like this post

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