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Well this was going to be a story about Dom/Sub ...with the guy being the sub ...but I realized that this would really take two... to write ...and I'd be rather bad trying it on my own ... I have a feeling if I were to write as a sub it'd probably sound a bit extreme ... and possibly come across as sounding like I'm trying to be macho ... and just that's not me.

For me pain is no big deal I grew up spending most of my childhood around my mothers' parents ..and my grandfather being one of the sterotypical stoic guys of that generation ...didn't show emotion- I can only think of three things that he did to really show emotion: scowl, laugh (not necessarily at things I'd call funny), and normal growing up there was no pity if I hurt myself, crying about it was pointless, if anything I'd be told to stop ... which means now pain is something I really don't pay attention to ... I don't use painkillers - unless I'm being injected with them body/mind has gotten to the point where I can generally just brush most things off - assuming it doesn't end up just angering me.

So realistically speaking, if I were to play the role of a sub, my dom would have to know enough about the body so as not to cause permant damage... and I have a feeling that most women I end up spending time with ... would need me to be about the same way ...

that is assuming we trying to push limits...

perhaps there was a minor element of BDSM in A Night Together ...I don't know ...I'm really not that great at classifying things, I just figure them out...

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