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8/2/2006 5:11 pm

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8/4/2006 3:09 pm


This is just an idle observtion that I've had before...

Anyone else notice how on womens blogs there is more likely to be a mix of the genders commenting.

Where as on many guys blogs there are (in -seemingly- many cases) only women commenting....

I'm not going to draw any conclusions (mainly because I see several possibilities)... but it is interesting none the less....

TheCliticals 35F/F

8/2/2006 7:11 pm

You need to become a gay icon like funintheday2006 to get more male comments

complexlysimple replies on 8/3/2006 5:02 pm:
now that seems rather presumptious... who said I wanted more guys commenting?

Though it doesn't matter to me one way or another.... actually guys can be about as 'flighty' as women get sterotyped to be...

cookiequeen1000 53F

8/3/2006 4:09 am

Interesting observation.....

There are a few more male blogs that I watch than female blogs, but most are pretty even with M/F responses. Tend to see more male responses on my blog (and other female blogs) than female responses.

complexlysimple replies on 8/3/2006 5:04 pm:
hmmm... makes me wonder if it doesn't have something to do with how many visitors they have as well as gender then...

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