Check, Check ...Reality are you there? Over. -Sex type talk in progress.  

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Check, Check ...Reality are you there? Over. -Sex type talk in progress.

Okay, I have a feeling this may some ruffle some feathers ...but here's the way it's seems to me regarding the sex-looking for a mate thing.

Animals, we're all a bunch of Animals, strip away all the laws and technology that come with society and you're left with a bunch of scrawny little Animals that really wouldn't survive that well outside of a group... we're really not the top of the food chain, our minds and technology grant us that claim ...not our physique ... generally speaking anyway - Who wants to wrestle a grizzly bear? ..anyone, anyone??

Tying that into "mating" behaviours it would only stand to reason that we'd need to accept an "equal" for a monogamous relationship. The problem is that each individual is trying to figure out where they stand in this hierarchy-type thing ...which is where it gets interesting ..seeing as how Animals seemingly have an instinct to find both the best mate -source of companionship- as well as the best source of genetic material -basically most successful offspring- possible. basically your trying to figure out where they are as wll as you are ...sounds like a big fucking mess to me ...

Now it would seem to me that in order to have a monogamous relationship, you may have to be willing to trade a bit of one for a bit of the other -dang, no screwing celebrities (rolls eyes)- also could be called "finding the perfect person for you."

Where as an polyamorous relation your going after both ...but whatever it's your preference and odds are it may change with time, I'll keep this to monogamous relations critter at time

Now where it really gets interesting is in how to assess where someone else stands in their gender's "hierarchy" ...appearance, attitude, intelligence, ...etc, etc

For guys it's kind of a question of "can I kick this guy's ass, ...or am I going to get my ass kicked?" ... Not so surprisingly this would initially lead women to look for the hot, young, muscle-bound bad boys ... which would be what woman would do if she wasn't really intune to how this works (aka being young) ... sadly (for them) it's really kind of wrong ...the biggest bad ass around, might very well be one of the nicest ... "Why should I risk getting hurt for nothing? We can get along ...even if it means I let you act like the boss"

.... ...I'm not sure I should be tipping my hand this much, but if nothing else maybe it will make things a little less violent ...and more bearable for me.

Now the female side "hierarchy" I'm not quite as sure of ...seeing as how I'm not a woman, that might be a good reason ..though I think it may not be that different than the male side, except instead of muscle perhaps it's mentally/socially based ..where the "top" woman is confident enough to submit, yet capable enough to take charge when it's needed...

Basically, for the guys out there:

Don't go chasing after every attractive woman you see.

She may look like fun, but it may very well be more of a pain in the ass than it's worth... that is assuming you even get anywhere.

Am I saying this so I can have all the hotties for myself ..hell no ..if anything I'm just trying to save you some grief and a few $$ ...besides why would I want a woman that may look absolutley perfect, yet is untrustable, manipulative and quite possible dumber than the proverbial box of rocks ..

Would you want to have fun, or spend the next 20 yrs explaining how to have fun? ...and then find out she's been sneaking around behind your back much as you may want to you can't be in complete control .. well, perhaps if you're willing to give complete control which case you may really want to be careful about who your giving control to ...women can be every bit as bad as guys ..worse in some cases....

And hey look on the bright side, find someone who digs you as much as you dig her and everday might just be playday... that sounds like a lot of fun to me

But these are just my thoughts, so do as you like .. I know the path I walk

Do you know yours?

I think this should be accompanied by another post about self....

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