Bad Memories - 1 of Many  

complexlysimple 34M
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6/4/2006 12:21 am

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12/16/2006 8:00 pm

Bad Memories - 1 of Many

Having been awoken by a midnight phone call -a friend back in town wanting have a few beers- my mind started wandering - again.

One of the many ~^~y memories has come to mind, one which I think I might as well share here.....

Memories. Memories of high school. A memory of one morning sitting in the cafeteria, before school started just hanging out with some friends, a couple guys, a few girls. Now the girl that this involves is about chest high to me and a real tough woman, wanted to join the US Marine Corp, when she graduated ..and if she got in she definitely deserved to. She's a woman that can bully guys bigger than her - I was one of the few she didn't/couldn't. On this particular morning though one of the guys made some wisecrack that got her a bit riled -in a playful way...nothing unusual there, so she started chasing him around the table....

After a couple laps, I was getting board with the whole thing, he ran between me and the table, so I put my legs up blocking the path, she stops before she runs into me ...still a little playfully riled she lets him go, so I put my legs back down. She's still standing fairly close to me when she slides a chair into my knee .. it hits right below the knee cap -same place a doctor would tests for reflex- this just sends pain coursing through my body - it didn't help that at that point in my life my knees were rather tender from being pounded on all the time in sports. The pain coursing through my body just brought out the worst in me, I guess she saw it on my face and had enough sense to run ..though I caught her in just a couple steps, grabbing her shoulder I spun her around ...that's when I saw the look on her face.

Her face was so filled with pain and fear, that all anger just left me, just flowed right on out ... I didn't do a thing to her after that, I couldn't. I had un-realizingly spun her around by the shoulder that was a bit tender for her so she had felt some pain I'm sure, but the look of shear terror on her face ...that will never leave my memories, it was like the gates of hell had been opened and she realized she was going to be tossed in without anyone caring otherwise....

That is the only time I can recall in my memory of ever having laid hands on a woman in anger ...and I never want to do so again...

Most of the time women are too beautiful and sexy-looking to want to hurt anyway ...all those lovable curves just there begging to be held and desired .... ...

Mmmm, curves ..happy thought back to bed I go.

TheCliticals 34F/F

6/4/2006 2:14 am

Wonderful post. Its a pity that more men dont feel the same way about violence as you evidently do.

complexlysimple replies on 6/4/2006 7:05 am:
I agree with your sentiment.
I guess I see the problem as: men (& people in general) really don't understand have a true understanding of what violence is's a tool - an extreme form of communication - nothing more, nothing less's not glamorous, or an indication of power ...if anything it a shows a lack of self control / power.

Thank you for stopping by. ...I definitely enjoy your pictures as well as your blog.

absolutelynormal 56F
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6/4/2006 4:42 pm

Glad you didn't hurt her and realized what you were doing and could stop yourself. Mac

complexlysimple replies on 6/5/2006 1:45 am:
yeah, she hurts me and I do nothing but scare her ...seems to be the way it works with me, someone hurts me badly and I just end up scaring them....

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