A funeral that wasn't a funeral  

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5/14/2006 6:29 pm

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A funeral that wasn't a funeral

Yesterday was a different sort of day for me, I went to the funeral of a my high school coach (football and track), but it wasn't a funeral, it wasn't referred to as a funeral and shouldn't be, since it really was more of a "Celebration of Life" (as it was referred to) than a funeral.

.... Now I sit here wondering what to write, not because I have nothing to say, but that there is so much to say that I'm not sure how to do any of it justice.

I guess the best way to start is to say that if crying should be done it might be better to cry for those of us that remain, since Coach was a man in the truest sense of the word, respectful, honest, caring and very much a teacher both by occupation and in life.

It just crossed my mind that while today is Mother's Day a family sits without it's father, a wife without her husband and it's most likely a first on Mother's Day.....

Truthfully his death wasn't a surprise since he had been diagnosed with cancer late last year, and quickly went down hill (just physically), but as with so many other things he took it in stride, because he was a man that put others first, but I think that the best way to say that is to share the rules that he had for the football team:

Respect yourself and others ...and ... Discipline yourself so the coaches don't have to.

That was about the only rule there was (which encompasses a lot when you stop to think about it), and his goal wasn't just to win but to make championship people out of his athletes.

So I think it is understandable that the world lost something when he died, but it will most definitely carry on, just as he would want.

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