A Path Seldom Walked  

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4/10/2006 7:58 pm

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A Path Seldom Walked

Well, even though I feel like I've been beaten with a 2x4.... I spent most of my weekend breaking up concrete with a sledgehammer (and laying down a new parking area) at my cousins' house, I feel good, like I've gotten something done.

Anyway I think I'll try something a bit different in writing this tonight.


A lonely road I have walked,
and very seldom have I talked,

of the thoughts that dance and twirl,
that make grown men cry like a little girl.

The thoughts that flood my head,
and can make me wish I was dead.

Binding my soul in chains,
was keeping a madman from seizing the reigns,

walls have been built,
to hide from the guilt,

and to keep others out.
Though I may hear them shout,

They say I bring light,
when all I see is night.

Friendship is something I just don't understand,
and feel I have no right to demand.

And while I try to be good,
I doubt I will ever be understood.

I have since found a spark,
though I still stand in the dark,

Unsure where to go,
or if I'll ever know.

But tired of living in fear,
I want to move and go near,

to try and find those who shout,
and try to discover what life's about.

And while I'll always be alone,
perhaps I can be known,

and perhaps I can care,
when no one else will dare.

Though if no one else I find,
the animals my company do not mind.

With the dogs I dance,
for it's fun to see them prance.

The cats, my hands will kiss,
for it's those which they seem to miss.

The wild rabbits tried to run,
though they were caught in my hand for fun.

Then I realized it was wrong to chase,
especially that which can not face,

This beast.
Which could be feared the least,

For there is more danger,
From the fictional Martian Stranger.

For while I could,
that does not mean I would,

bring harms,
to those that are in my arms.

For I see no gain,
in bringing others pain.

I feel no thrill,
when it is time to kill.

And while I eat,
bloody red meat,

it is to fill a need,
not out of greed.

My body demands its fuel,
if just to prepare for a duel,

whether to protect and shelter,
or fight my demons that swelter,

and strive to break,
so the reigns they can take.

So fight I must (if only in my head),
for I doubt I will soon be dead.

And it's a life I want,
though I may have to hunt,

to find a way,
I'd like to play,

with a friend,
in a way that knows no end.


I admit that got long in a hurry, and I'm not sure that I'd really even call it complete, but I think that it might be best to continue it at a later time though.

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