Well, the world survived  

company_od 42M
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6/7/2006 12:36 am
Well, the world survived

I could have jumped on and posted a late Happy Devil's Day to everyone but I decided to let it lie. The funny thing is that today is the first time I heard so many people shocked at the fact that the date was 6-6-6. Well to be honest I am actually in the thick of people at this time. Yep back in the lap of learning. The sad thing is that one of the profs has the magic talent of making me sleepy. Not too good for my 3am bedtime if I fall asleep in class. Of course my whole night owl gig may wind up taking a hit when the full extent of college starts and I get the maximum load of classes. Oh well. Happy belated Devils day to those who knew it had to happen.

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