Vices, Needs and Cravings  

company_od 42M
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7/21/2006 10:25 pm
Vices, Needs and Cravings

Where I'm concerned I don't have any problems with what people enjoy. Drugs, alcohol, cigs... I don't judge people by what they like to do. Me, I don't smoke anymore. I smoked for two years, then when I was no longer hanging with that crowd I stopped. Of course it never did anything for me anyway so it was no problem. I did some experimenting with a few Drugs, nothing super heavy, just your basics. Still they really didn't have much of an effect on me either. I've never been a big drinker either, I'll have one every now and again but never been drunk. The one time where the goal was to get me drunk I never made it. We did mainly liquor too Jagermeister, Jack, some other things I don't even know, lol. I don't really know my alcohol either guess I need an education there too, lol. Anyway I don't know why none of these things ever took hold on me. Maybe its metabolism (which could have changed since my younger carefree days), or my mindset, or as a friend of mine once stated (and I gladly took for my use) maybe I just have too strong of a devotion to my dark mistress Caffeinea, lol. That's my biggest vice I certainly need my caffeine and I know that. That and maybe sex of course, lol. But who doesn't? Now there are alot of other things that I enjoy and like but nothing else that I couldn't do without if push came to shove. Reading actually come very close. Sometimes that is such a strong stress reliever, like gaming, watching a bit of TV or surfing the web.
Anyway like I said if something makes you feel at ease or makes things a little better then no worries about me. I think all the rules and laws about stuff out there is ridiculous. I mean we are supposed to be free to enjoy our lives, liberties and find our happiness. It's insane the way things are goin in that regard but it will probably only get worse before it gets better so remember we may all have to stand together before its all over. Anyway better reign it in before I get into another rant, lol.

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