Thoughts on od-ness  

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6/15/2006 8:02 am

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Thoughts on od-ness

Well another edition of Blog, sorry to neglect my faithful readers (crickets chirping) but things have been rather fast paced and somewhat insane. I shall forgo those details as they are more tedious than a non-native english speaking math professor. I apologize to any who resemble this inside joke as it is all in good spirits. So no tedious march of modern life??? What shall be the topic. Me. In all the hustle and bustle of hurry up and wait life I have been able to collect my thoughts on various occasions, not that this differs from the regular occasions but all in all... I am a unique person. No not that I love myself mess that you hear from the latest self-help guru. Look up to the title of the blog, see od? Yeah consider it to be odd but it just wouldn't be really odd if you spell it that way would it? Now that's how I named my blog but the screen name different story. Anyway Tal is taken I'm sure, plus no need to go there. Onto the main point.

In recent conversations with my most trusted friends, those I'd actually place my fate in the hands of, there were some things that were noted. Now not all of these come from this particular set of sources but attribute what may anyway. I'm certainly not what only you see in that little picture to the right of my blog. I'm also more than you can discern from my scattered comments posted here within. In discussion with one friend I was trying to explain the concept from my 'on love' blog as it pertained to his situation. Part of what I didn't mention is that I'm not a jealous person, almost to the point to claim that I haven't a jealous bone in my body but as I was thinking this blog I feel that there has to be something somewhere but obviously it doesn't rule my mind. I was told by someone one time that that is not the norm for guys, but I already don't fit that norm in other ways. At least the norm of the general male populace. I don't care for sports but that is not a unique feature, the woman I find attractive is not the common worship of the supermodel again not unique, I've only been in one fight in my life (probably not wise to have let that slip) and always consider intellect superior to martial action surely not unique. Little low in self-esteem, very creative, humor that crosses the span between sarcasm to silliness. Just like that picture you can't see all of me. Do you see my ponytail? No, not in the shot. All these slightly uncommon aspects wound into a persona that sometimes defies my understanding of myself. My unique persona. It does make me feel kind of alone and outcast, but I felt that way before all this. It doesn't impair me it just is, guess that's somewhat unique in itself. Now I know "why are you here is you feel that there isn't someone who will fit that odd pattern for your perfect match?" Well I can hope that there is that lady out there perfect for me but she will be unique in her own way. But until then I can match wits with the twists and turns that fickle fate has designed to try my willpower and sap my strength. I won't be defeated so, true love - await me, I shall triumph. Spread the word, lol.

BaronessK 52F

6/15/2006 2:51 pm

Ya just 'pimped' yaself, ya know that? Hell, I must be shirking my 'duty'...I was gonna get around to doing it, honest! Or was I supposed to be getting around to doing YOU?! Ah, well, the Baroness' brain is busy with metaphysical 'stuff' at the moment...although it did just enter and process a thought then about weightless sex in space.

Everyone is unique in their own way, j; the 'trick' is finding someone who 'matches' your oddities and their own unique way making you and her "y'all". Think about what you know of me...easy to match?! I've had two full blown matches, and could have had more {time, circumstances, etcetera, prohibited stalled or negated, etcetera}. There are billions of people on this internet connected planet, hun.

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6/16/2006 8:43 pm

Well simply put, loneliness is simply a state of mind. You can be in a room full of people, yet still feel as if there is no one around you. Being an outcast has become the more "norm" than the exception. There is nothing wrong or bad in being different, yet it does make for interesting dating. I considered myself a potent mixture of exotic, erotic, intellect and wit that can cast a powerful spell. But if I pick out just one of my attributes, to some that one may be a "oddity" to others its all in a normal day. The key is not to focus on just one thing, but the total package!

"Bones are for the dogs, but meat is for the man"

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