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7/20/2006 10:24 pm

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Insert Foot?

Sometimes real life gets in the way. I've sort of had the run of near miss or almost collisions most of which deal with me and being on here. Some of it isn't because of here just that because I'm here things happened this way. Easy first example of that is what happened in theater class. I never carried condoms before I joined here. I certainly don't think of myself as a hunk or sex god or even noticeable in a crowd. I may excel in conversation and imagination but there aren't usually interviews in RL meeting people in places. I have my talents and skills. Someone asked how I can do the acting if I am so shy. A weird answer is that I am in a comfort zone I guess. It may be 9 ladies and 1 guy...10 people a large enough group to stop me in my tracks but it is in one of those areas where I have some confidence. Ask a few who have met me in person and they'll tell ya if ya get me on a topic I know about you can't shut me up. Hell we're standing in proof though. I always thought I would be a great actor but I don't have the ability to delude myself that I'd like to exist on ramen and mac'n'cheese. No offense to either of these fine delicacies. The other is that I might be able to pull of the hunchback of notre dame but I don't have the looks for much beyond Average Guy #1.
Anyway I actually didn't stray too far off topic because I was at school when I had my next almost collision. Now in my theater I'm not worried because I wouldn't have much interest in 8/10 of the group. 1/10 I'd talk to because she seems funny, but not my type and 1/10 maybe I'd say was alright but she is married so no issues of distraction. Now in my Western Civ there are a few that are in my type but I don't talk to anyone there anyway... Except the other day. I was waiting for class to start and one of the ladies was asking about the paper we had due. I told her my understanding and we talked about the class for a moment. She mentioned she was overburdened by something and I said I was but I was still foolish enough to go to a party over the weekend. She said she hadn't been to a party yet in college and hadn't been to a party (So I think she is probably too young for my tastes but thats the other reason I haven't been looking at school anyway, lol) So I counter, "Oh no, not with the school. An online group. From a website." Shut up, ya idiot! Her reply is "What... ah Never-mind!" Well my work is done nothing like spooking the norms, lol. So what the hell, I plugged the site, she won't be coming here of course but I'd just do better if I kept my mouth closed instead of talking without thinking.

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7/21/2006 5:55 am

I wouldn't have a profile on this site if my girlfriend hadn't hounded me enough so that I would do it to get her to shut up. Some of my friends know that I am here and some don't. So you might be surprised if she shows up on this site.


BaronessK 52F

7/22/2006 8:09 am

What do YOU know about 'norms', ya freaky deaky dude? {Now turn your cam on so I can drool, uhmmmm, you with your shyness! {Ya know I'm just kidding, right...I have dialup! }

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