In the event you find yourself here  

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4/26/2006 10:50 pm

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In the event you find yourself here

I am a shy and quiet person when I meet someone RL, I think that crosses into chat and other situations where there are a number of people I don't know well. As a few of my good friends on here know, that changes when I get pulled into a conversation.

Of course, in my everyday life I tend to be one of those people whose mind races down hundreds of avenues a day pondering strange ideas like...
If its always the quiet ones and the butler did it, are butlers always quiet ones.

Oh, you can surely expect to see many more strange concepts here. I'll go easy at first, promise.

Who knows how often you'll find new entries, I may get on a kick and burn up the cables with stuff or just throw something every once in a while. Check back and find out!

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