Happy Fourth!  

company_od 42M
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7/4/2006 1:33 am
Happy Fourth!

Well here's hoping everyone will be celebrating the birth of our fine nation. No matter the problems we face, the issues we may question, or the nature of our lives we are all able to have our opportunity to do so because we are free.

Despite what trials and tribulations may yet come our way, our nation is worth defending. My personal thanks go out to all our troops out defending our freedom and sharing that great concept with those around the world. Thanks for your sacrifice so that I can live my life and raise my kids in a nation that is not in the throes of violent warfare everyday.

Despite how our forefathers amy be turning in their graves things are relatively good - not perfect but in the reality where we are not perfect beings...at least we didn't blow everything up by accident. Happy forth of July to Everyone...don't forget to celebrate by watching some fireworks either professional or your own... inside or outside

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