Great Outdoors  

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7/8/2006 12:11 am

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Great Outdoors

Well I had a conversation with some friends a bit back that contained the idea that I should post something on streaking. Of course the reason this should come up is I was sharing some of my personal pics / vids around in which I was doing the naked and flashing deal in some public venues. Of course the secret was that there wasn't anyone around but still the possibility that NO one saw me is not 0%. I consider myself an adventerous person. One of my hottest adventures was in a park late night with another adventerous-spirited beautiful lady who let me have my way with her on the park picnic table not 20 ft from several roads in a subdivision. A few cars came down the road too. Very hot...thinking back now I have to say that I hope to have some more exciting adventures one day. Who knows when and where that will be but I bet it will be memorable and fun. Anyway I won't give advice unless asked and not usually one to share my adventures but I did burn my own DVD once, lol. Anyway enough for now.

BaronessK 52F

7/10/2006 4:24 am

And *I* said for your 100th post you should do the top 100 things in sex that you would like to do, or have already done...something like that! Going to think about doing it {on that} at least, aren't you?

I went with the top 10 things I will NOT do in sex {and I 'fudged' a bit on the 10th! Gawd, does that mean there are 90 that I will do or what? }

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