plans...... discussed..  

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7/11/2006 5:42 pm

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plans...... discussed..

I want to get home and have a nice dinner, maybe a margaritta, smoke some and then turn on some music in the living room just as some background noise for the empty house. Then I want us to get naked as fast as possible and just lay there on our sides holding eachother kissing. I want to suck on your tounge, and nibble on your great lips. Lick down your neck to your nipples, suck on them untill they are hot red and hard then continue my path down. I plan to slowly lick along the sides of your pussy without actually touching any pink parts and wait for you to start squirming your hips in attempt to get my tounge and lips to part your pussy. Then I want to dive my tounge as deep in you as it will go and lick from bottom to top slowly stoping at the clit to suck and flick with my tounge shortly before begining to lick all over again.
I'm anxious to suck on your lips as I move up and down your labia and focus on your clit, sucking on it untill it is swollen and you are dripping down the back of your ass. sticking my fingers in you and rubbing all the moisture all over your pussy. I want you to come on my face hard, I want to feel you contrac around my finger while I am sucking on your clit, listening to you beg me for my cock.
Im going to reach up and slowly set the head of my cock on you while you lick your taste off of my lips and chin, then Im going to slowly push it in while I have one hand pinching your nipple and the other grabbing your hip. Then Im going to have you hold your tits while I suck on them and fuck you. Then Im just going to watch you while we have sex, listen to you moan and breath, I will lick your lips and grab your head while I am pushing into you. When you come again I am going to push harder until I'm ready to come then pull out and spray the weeks worth of saved sexual agression all over your chest and stomach. Then Im going to lay down on you, and kiss you again, breath, and relax.

rm_fun2luv1977 39M/39F

7/11/2006 8:41 pm

Remember how I said I have issues with a lot of porn? Well, if you should decide to include a video in any way.......I'm in That is definetly hot!!! This is only day 3? Looking forward to hearing how you 10!!

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